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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sheepish? Moi?

Found this wistful fellow when LittleBit and I were back-to-school shopping for her. She tried things on; I stood at the cart and worked on one or the other of my socks.

This is a: candy jar? planter? dustcatcher? It was $4.99 at Ross. It joins the 22 other sheep + 1 llama ["Dolly", of course] in various corners of my living room and dining room. At the moment it is holding about half of the yarn for LittleBit's purple scarf.

Sock the First and Sock the Second are -- cue the Dragnet theme -- dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun DONE! As of dark-thirty this morning. I think I have enough yarn left to make similar socks for BittyBit. I figured that it would take two or three hours to patiently untangle what was left of the sock yarn. So I took nothing to work on, since obviously this would keep me busy before work, on my breaks, and at lunch. Right?

Wrong. I finished winding it into a ball on my morning break and found myself bookless, needle-less, and twitching from withdrawal. So I hopped in Lorelai on my lunch hour and tooled over to the LYS for show and tell, also hoping that the Denim Silk I've been eyeing for two months had not been sold. I learned, day before yesterday, that Berroco is discontinuing that line after what? 20 years? The nerve!

I just happened to be wearing a very comfortable pair of pants that I bought at Wally World. They are leggings but look like dress slacks, a heathered charcoal, and I was pretty sure that the yarn I'd seen tucked away in a corner would be a good match. To quote the gulls in "Finding Nemo": MINE! MINE! MINE!

I bought all 10 hanks, with no clue what they want to be when they grow up, but I have some ideas that I want to swatch, and I've printed off several old patterns from Knitty.

What's next in the queue? LittleBit's purple scarf.

I'll come back and paste in a photo of the completed socks when I have one.

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