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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Scripture Coat, A Kaffe-ish Adventure

One really humongous sweater. Ankle-length. Large enough that I got onto a plane when I was eight months' pregnant with LittleBit, and nobody knew that I was pregnant until I took off the coat. [And then, boy did everybody on that plane know I was pregnant!]

I've worn this coat to a graveside service and wrapped myself and two pregnant girlfriends in this coat, and we all stayed warm.

The neckline, crocheted into submission.

Notice that the cuffs are different colors. This was a "use up the stash" coat. So yes, this was on purpose.

The hem, a missionary experience:

My days are...

swifter than...

a weaver's...

shuttle. Job 7:6."

I fell in love with this scripture 20 years ago, but omitted the latter half of it, which reads "and are spent without hope." I didn't think that part, though scripturally accurate, was particularly confidence-inspiring. Plus, I've never been that big, even at eight months' pregant, and I didn't want to have to center a second line of text.

I knitted this coat in the round, stitched up the front, slashed, and crocheted the button bands and neckband. Most of the yarn is worsted weight or bulky. Twenty years later, I don't remember who made the yarn, but I sure had a lot of it at one time or another. Some of it is two strands of Ironstone Mohair, knitted as one. It has held up wonderfully over the years, though there is one small hole requiring attention.

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TinkerBelle said...

How fun to be able to see photos of the knitting projects you've talked about. Way cool!