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Monday, August 21, 2006

How to Please a Teenager

When she got home from Firstborn's in FL, LittleBit liked the Fibonacci Scarf. [She thinks the Rasta Scarf is hideous. We will graciously forgive her.] She wondered if we could do one in purple, but not "quite as tickly".

Now, she likes feathery/furry yarn, stuff that is spun up out of dead dinosaurs, stuff that makes my hands scream and run away when I try to touch it.

Stuff that I think is way more tickly than good honest Hair of the Mo. We spent at least half an hour online the other day, looking at KnitPicks and other possibilities I'd bookmarked. I got a sense of what sort of purples would make her happiest, and the texture she was aiming for.

I have had several weeks recently that were just one @#$% thing after another, and sometimes the same @#$% thing over and over. I was sick two weeks ago and missed a day of work, as much from stress as from allergies. So by the time my lunch hour rolled around the next day, I was ready for some retail therapy and a field trip to my LYS to see what they had that approximated the yarns that we'd found online.

First I found a hairy/furry yarn: Berroco Plume FX, color 6720 (dye lot 53), 63 yards. 3 balls. Next something sticky to hold all the yarns together: Queensland Connection Soft Comfort Mohair, color 614 (dye lot 70), 95 yards. 2 balls. Was there a South West Trading Company "Melody" to tie it all together? There was: color 516 Vixen (dye lot 04111925), 400 yards. 1 ball that I will most certainly "bra up" before attempting a swatch.

Couldn't wait to show it to Coworker Student #1, who gave it a big thumbs-up and a smile as wide as Texas. That smile got me through until quitting time.

More to the point, LittleBit was very pleased when I came home from work and showed her the yarns.

I have no idea what sort of scarf I'm going to do make from them. But I have no doubt that they'll play nicely together, and I hope there's enough natural fiber to keep my hands humming happily.

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