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Friday, February 08, 2008

Bigotry and Cinderella Dresses and Land Sharks, Oh My!

I thought this was interesting. And probably accurate. Though I have to say that I am unaware of experiencing any anti-Mormon bias in my own life. When the girls were little, I visit-taught a couple of women who had had people make tacky comments in the grocery line about the number of [clean and exceedingly well-behaved] children they had. Nobody ever tried that with me. Maybe because I had a comeback prepared? “Please show me, in the Scriptures, where the commandment to be fruitful and multiply has been rescinded.” Never once did I get to use it.

But then I did reach the point where going grocery shopping was an hour of blissful solitude, once the older girls were old enough to watch the littler ones. Completely eliminated the issues of tired-child-in-shopping-cart and Slim-Jims-at-the-checkout-stand.

Firstborn was whining ever so gently [whinging, for those of you north of the border] about not getting a Cinderella dress. Honey, you did. I spent two and a half months beading the bodice of your wedding gown, remember? You just got your Cinderella dress twenty years after Secondborn got hers, and hers was more colorful.

And if you want another Cinderella *skirt* and can get 1BDH to take you someplace spiffy for your next anniversary, I would be happy to do the honors. I just don’t want to have to deal with the architectural fiddling that goes into creating a bodice that fits any of you girls. I’ll have to do that in the next few years for LittleBit and Fourthborn, and possibly for Middlest if she remarries, since she had a civil marriage the first time around.

Since that particular cat is now [officially] out of the bag, this might be a good time to ask if any of my gentle readers knows a good attorney who is familiar with military divorces and will work for hand-knitted socks?

Speaking of socks, I am now almost halfway up the gussets on Firestarter. And I don’t have to go anywhere tonight, so I am thinking DVD + sock knitting = bliss!


Jenni said...

You're right and I recind my whining. I did not take into account the fact that you were able to create 2B's dress in a day or two while mine took almost 6 months. You are the queen!

Jenni said...

I also thought I should let you know that no skirts will be required. This will be our *6th* anniversary and we have never really "celebrated" our anniversary's. Boring and poor we seem to be each year about that time. Or maybe that's just what he wants me to believe!

punkin said...

Good suggestion for attaching the little piece of paper to the wheel.

Bigotry comes in many different flavors but it always leaves a really bad taste. It doesn't have to be that way and I don't know why people choose it.