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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photos, Then and Now

Here you have Firstborn and 1BDH when they had been dating only two weeks, at Secondborn’s wedding. Secondborn was the hostess at 1BDH’s restaurant, all through high school. Firstborn used to come in and eat. 1BDH was married at the time. His divorce and Firstborn’s wising-up about LoserBoyfriend [hallelujahs all around when she dumped him] coincided nicely.

[Yes, I made the dress. No, I didn’t have control over the backlessness.] And here you have LittleBit and HerBoy. Different man, same stunned-ox expression.

There is also a wonderful picture of HerBoy, dancing with a young woman in our stake who has Down Syndrome. The respect and tenderness in his face is something to be seen, but for privacy’s sake I won’t share it.

Here is Secondborn with the fingerpaints and an oh-shoot expression on her dear little face. Somewhere there is another picture with Firstborn’s I’m-in-trouble-now expression.

And here you have the Bitties in similar mode. No question whose son this is! He’s got her mouth, her eyes, and a masculine version of her eyebrows. Oh, and one tooth, though it isn’t visible here.

Another repeat or so on Middlest’s socks yesterday, and another half inch on the Stripedy Stockings. But this post is already picture-heavy enough.

Had a VM from one of the guys in the dinner group yesterday about an impromptu activity for Friday night that might be cancelled, and letting me know about something in one of the wards in his area, to which all our group is invited. So weird to have a man’s voice [other than Brother Sushi’s] in my mailbox.

I posted an alternative to the impromptu activity and the alternative one. Since I will be in BigD on Saturday for the walking tour and lunch. I want to do something in *my* neck of the woods, and the Kimbell Museum has an exhibition of early Christian art. Half price from 5:00 - 8:00 on Fridays. Culture, with a side order of religion, in one non-fell swoop.

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Jenni said...

It's a shame no can see how adorable the front of me is as well. At least I look skinny in that photo!