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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


No, it is not a derangement of the body producing massive discomfort and explosive output. Dieresis is a phonological term that I learned this afternoon, from this post. And now, some actual knitting content of my own.

Noticeable progress on the French Child’s Sock for Middlest, from the estimable Nancy Bush’s book, “Knitting Vintage Socks”.

I worked on it a little at game night last night and am headed over to the couch in a moment to work on it some more while I listen to this:

[And the last couple of KnitPicks podcasts.] Anne Perry is my second-favorite LDS novelist, and I was thrilled to get this audiobook on cassette for the grand sum of $3.00. I also bought this, likewise for $3.00, after a tip from one of my Sisters of the Wool.

I can just see BittyBit as a mermaid this Halloween, and BittyBubba as a pirate. This book followed me home, too.

I didn’t stop to check if any of the sweaters were designed for my size. I bought this book for the sheer imagination that Teva Durham shows in her designs. Most of them wouldn’t suit me, but several I think would be adaptable.

Gradually, I am finding that my vintage knitting books [mid 1980’s] are now in the system at Ravelry. I still can’t post my copy of “Glorious Knits”. *sigh...*

I also picked this up for $15 plus tax and a quarter-tank of gas. Administrative Services of the corporation I work for, was having a surplus sale today.

No, you don’t need new glasses. It really is that blurry. I'm still playing with the “macro” setting on my camera. I was hoping for a chair in red, green, or grey. I bypassed the insipid institutional mauve and went straight for this one. It’s not shrimp pink as in the photo, more a dark terra-cotta or medium rust. A nice wide seat to fit my nice wide seat, and lots of squishy softness in the chair cushion, and all the levers and knobs work to ergonomicize the fit.

We likes it. We likes it a lot.

Here you see the two Stripedy Socks, looking pretty much like identical twins. The sock on the right is slightly darker.

And you can see, mid-photo, where the two socks begin to establish personalities of their own. The two heels shown below, might be cousins who didn't like each other very much.

Yes, the yarns are from the same dye lot. But the third skein, with which I began the second stocking, is looking a wee bit anemic here.


Rorek said...

That sock looks like a delicious flavor of hot chocolate. NOM NOM NOM *nibbles it*

The macro setting on my camera is recommended for about two feet away or closer, to the target. I don't remember what kind of camera you use, but the 'auto' would probably be better for the chair, unless you're wanting to zoom in on the texture of the fabric they used for *upholstery.

As for the stripey socks, the brown looks warmer on the right-hand sock. Is that the color difference you mean? If they're hand dyed, some color difference makes sense right? Both socks look soft and comfortable, and I love the pattern.

*Which I thought was spelled with an 'A' for some reason.

Lynn said...

Diaresis? Apholstery? You must have me confused...

And you assume that I've actually read the manual that came with my camera, or know where I might find it, LOL.

Rorek said...

My camera didn't have instructions for macro at all. I ended up asking online for my camera model, what macro generally covered range-wise, for clear and sharp focus.

I think I missed the spelling joke, sorry!

Bonnie said...

I'm with middlest, macro sounds like it should be for wide angle shots, but it is really designed for closeup pictures. That is why any picture you take from that far away is going to be blurry. Also, my old camera's flash didn't work on macro and the colors were usually a little bit off. I haven't messed around too much with the macro on my new camera. And now I think I will take a nap, as both of the bitties are sleeping - and I think bitty-bubba has another ear infection, so I had better sleep while I can.