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Monday, December 15, 2008

On the second (reading) day of Christmas

At Relief Society earlier this month, we were given a folder of handouts to help us find imaginative ways to celebrate the season. In 2005, the church published a list of readings in the scriptures, to correspond with the twelve days of Christmas. Some of these scriptures will be familiar to you, as they come from the KJV of the Bible. Others will be new to you, but harmonious with what you already know.

As this is a copyrighted article, I am not cutting-and-pasting each day’s reading into my blog posts. Instead, I will post the link and this notice, and you can just read that day’s portion if you choose. I would love to hear your thoughts and impressions.

Consider these my Christmas card(s) to you.

The concert last night went well. Typically by the end of the day my voice is worn out, and I have no oomph. But I prayed like crazy, and last night my voice was clear and strong and true. What a lovely, joyful experience. My three oldest were there, and Lark. No sign of Trainman; I shall razz him unmercifully.

I came home and ate the snack that the stake president’s wife had prepared for the choir and our guests. And polished off the tuna salad I made when I dashed home after church. And chugged a mug of milk.

I think I managed to put myself on the Silver Fox’s radar yesterday. I told him how much I had enjoyed the Sunday School lesson he taught two weeks ago. And we chatted intermittently until class began. He was sitting in the row ahead of me, and over a seat or two. Once, he swiveled around to say something and lightly placed his hand on my knee to emphasize his point. I have no idea what it was, because that was when my brain fried.

This man whose middle name I do not know, has his hand on my knee. Not in a hey-baby-baby way, but still. Do I stab him with my knitting needle? Do I flap my eyebrows at him? Do I ignore it?

I am trying to remember the last time anybody other than a medical specialist was anywhere near my patella. I am coming up empty. Maybe the Near-Fiancé Experience?

And people think church is boring.

My thoughts on yesterday’s Twelve Days of Christmas reading. I cannot read those verses in Isaiah without hearing Handel’s magnificent For Unto Us A Child Is Born, complete with orchestra. Or without weeping for joy.

I did a quick search on Ravelry before heading off to bed, and I came up with the pattern I want to use for BittyBit’s scarf. It’s Christine Vogel’s Easy Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern, available as a free download on Ravelry. I suspect it will be a two- or three-day project.

Lark’s concert tonight, woohoo!


Jerry said...

thank you for the link to the Christmas reading.

Jenni said...

The concert was very good and I'm sorry the weather kept you away.