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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the tenth (reading) day of Christmas

At Relief Society earlier this month, we were given a folder of handouts to help us find imaginative ways to celebrate the season. In 2005, the church published a list of readings in the scriptures, to correspond with the twelve days of Christmas. Some of these scriptures will be familiar to you, as they come from the KJV of the Bible. Others will be new to you, but harmonious with what you already know.

As this is a copyrighted article, I am not cutting-and-pasting each day’s reading into my blog posts. Instead, I will post the link and this notice, and you can just read that day’s portion if you choose. I would love to hear your thoughts and impressions.

Consider these my Christmas card(s) to you.

My friend Punkin had this link on her blog yesterday. There are two videos. Be sure to watch the second one as well!

Check out Woolgathering’s tree. I did a quick Google and could not find a source for those lights. Probably just as well; I would only get hungry every time I glanced at the tree!

Trainman was on the train last night, pleasantly surprised to see me. He thought I was off all week. We don’t need to tell him that I’m off, most weeks, if we are talking about being focused on the task at hand. I gave him his Christmas card with the ornament inside and the “Do Not Open Until December 25” inscription on the outside. I also made the executive decision to give the purple cashmere sweater ornament to one of my girlfriends at church, rather than to DecoratorDude, who was not on the train last night. Next year, assuming we continue to ride the same train, I can make him one in red or green cashmere. Because I definitely want to knit up more of that Jojoland cashmere. I wore my Flared Lace Smoke Ring one day last week, and it was a joy; it was even more fun to knit up on 000’s. The like-buttah-ness of the cashmere really shows up at a smaller gauge.

I had a great day at work, where I moved from one task to another in some sort of logical sequence and got a lot of paper scanned into the system so that it could be shredded and sent to the Great Compost Pile in the Sky.

By the time I was home [with a fresh gallon of milk and a half gallon of strawberry-kiwi juice], BittyBubba’s scarf was roughly half done. I hope to finish it today and block both scarves while I’m at work tomorrow.

Knit Night tonight, where I hope to meet my blogfriend Francis’ wife and also welcome Ms. NewTrainKnitter. [I will need to come up with a better name for her, but I haven’t even had breakfast yet; be gentle with me.] And Middlest has invited one of the sisters in her ward, who is a delight.

Time to sneak in a couple of rows while the tub fills. My living room is toasty-warm; wish I could just sit on the couch all day and knit and enjoy the fire. I loved revisiting old KnitPicks podcasts last night.

[Anybody else have podcasts that they like, with squeaky-clean language? I won’t be able to get back to the library for another audiobook until Friday or Saturday. Thanks!]


Rorek said...

Sister Quinn can't make it this Tuesday, but she's going to try next Tuesday. Highlands nights will be easier for her to get to.

AlisonH said...

Hey, I'm still looking for podcasts with closed captions...

Merry Christmas!