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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Monday, February 08, 2010

All the news that’s fit to blog

Chatted briefly with NintendoMan before I went and bent the Sabbath over at Secondborn’s yesterday morning. I needed to wash out a few things and have been too sick/tired/sick-and-tired to do so at the laundromat. So I did a quick load while the kids were at church, on the chance that this respiratory yuck is contagious. [My nurse friend says clear = allergies, but I am taking no chances around my Bitties.]

He is still getting over his cold, the one he got when he went up to Utah for his son’s wedding, but was feeling much better.

And I had every intention of going to church after my Sabbath-bending, but I spent almost every minute at the kids’ house honking and sneezing. So I texted Bishop and called my counselors and put everything into somebody else’s capable hands.

And I went back to bed, setting the alarm (I thought) for 2:00 so I could doctor my foot ~

(it just occurs to me that I have a flourishing case of hoof and nose disease!)

~ but forgot to push the button, so I slept until 3:28. And then it was a matter of staying awake until 10:00 so I could doctor my foot again.

NintendoMan sent me a cause link on Facebook. I played the video all the way through so my vote would count, but since my speakers are wonky, I caught maybe one word in 20. I am officially viewer #98,460, or maybe it was 98,640. I’ve slept since then. So I googled the speech, and here it is in text format. Definitely worth your time.

The first sock is sneaking up on completion. I have shifted from brainless stockinette to 2x2 ribbing and am fixin’ to move up one needle size for the big gallop to the finish line. Sometime this week I should finish the sock and get the second one on the needles. Right now I am knitting fuchsia/magenta and loving it! I think Noro-San has outdone himself with this colorway (255A).

After a week of too-much-time-online, I am pretty well tired of Mahjongg at the AARP website, although it is a reasonably efficient way to use up time in five minute increments. I also read last April’s issue of Real Simple. And the current issue of Bon Appetit. And the new Patternworks yarn catalogue, which I enjoyed and then dropped into the recycling bag, so as not to tempt me beyond my ability to resist. Thanks to the generosity of my children, I have enough new yarn to keep me in projects/entertainment for most if not all of the year; we will not discuss my stash.

This just in from REM Central: I do believe I slept all night without any argument from various body parts! That would be almost seven hours of uninterrupted sleep, not counting yesterday’s nap. I think we need to call the Guinness people.

And to close on a whimsical note: part of having a year’s supply of food that will sustain life (or working toward having one) is the necessity to rotate the contents of same. So yesterday, in that spirit [and also because I didn’t make it to the store to buy more milk on Saturday] I mixed up half a gallon of instant milk, which is what we (mostly) raised the girls on, before and after we had the goats, until I became pregnant with LittleBit and the skin on my elbows started cracking because I wasn’t getting enough fat in my diet.

I just washed down three leftover pigs in blankets with a couple thimblefuls of that stuff. Fourthborn’s Fiancé calls it S-P-A-M: Something Passing As Milk. Now, I am the queen of 2% and 1% and all the better for it. But oye, ladies, I now officially apologize to you for laughing because you prefer whole milk. I want to take Firstborn’s hot tub and fill it with Irish cream [not the Bailey’s sort; the kind that comes from cows] and roll around in it.


I think you may take it as a given that there will be lots and lots of baking chez Ravelled this week, because I will not simply pour it out into the compost pile.

Bleagh! And did I mention, bleagh!


Bonnie said...

Thank you for finally admitting that powdered milk is nasty to drink. I know you didn't want to hear it when we were poor and didn't have an alternative, but it's pretty disgusting. We only gagged it down because you put the fear of mommy in us.

Jenni said...

I know it really was all you had to offer us for a while, and for the caring parent part I am grateful. But can I say OMGosh I have some in my pantry ONLY for use in baking and smoothies.