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Monday, February 01, 2010

Yesterday = Not a Good One

Talks went well. They danced around one another rather nicely. I love my counselors!

I was in something of a daze in Sunday School, feeling the right half of my sinuses backing up on me. I excused myself from the joint meeting afterward. I’m pretty sure that I’m allergic to something in the RS room, after the flooding. Either there is residual mildew or mold, and I’m picking up on that, or it’s something they used to treat the building.

So, if you take the near-weepiness that I felt after giving my talk, and you add the growing physical discomfort I was feeling, and toss in the fact that I have not seen NintendoMan in almost two weeks [though we have communicated] because he is dealing with family matters, what you get is me, having a mini-meltdown in the hall between Sunday School and going home. Thankfully, my good home teacher was right there, as was my favorite member of the bishopric, who is a good friend, and the three of us nipped into the overflow area of the chapel, where they gave me a blessing.

I came home and ate the last of the garlic cheese biscuits from breakfast and went straight to bed, which means that I slept from 4:45 until 10:15 and not a lot since then.

Oh, I am also having a flare-up of the athlete’s foot, just to add to the general not-having-fun-in-my-skin-ness. I am rapidly approaching the “if thy foot offend thee, cut it off” stage.

This will all pass. I will go to work today, and maybe there will be good news of a job-ish nature. And even if there is not, I like my job, and I am happy there, and some of that happiness will follow me back home tonight. I will go to the temple at least once this week, and that will increase my peace. Things will eventually simmer down in NintendoMan’s life, and we will get some face time. I will get through the gusset increases on the sock, turn the heel, and decrease again to the proper number of stitches for the cuff; I am not happy with the sock at the moment, but the sock itself is utterly innocent of offense. I am just cranky, and I will get over it.

The good news is, I am redolent of garlic, so I need not fear a vampire attack. But I am a little sorry for anybody who has to sit next to me on the train this morning. Speaking of which, it’s time to dose my foot, put on my socks, and head on out the door.

I will be the one who smells like biscuits and has sharp poky sticks in her hand. Malefactors beware!

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Jenni said...

Maybe you gave me your Sunday blues for my use today. Bleh.