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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I want to go...

...bowling? I had so much fun Wii bowling with the wee people on Saturday night, that I am seriously thinking of taking up non-virtual bowling. I found a local league called The Lousy Bowlers, which sounds just about my speed. Two problems: they meet on Tuesday nights, and they start tonight. But it’s a twelve-week league, if I understand correctly, which suggests that sometime in mid-May they might start again. I think that could be fun; at that point I should have gotten my bonus.

The league meets at 9:00, which means that I could go to Knit Night for an hour and then scoot on home to Cowtown and rent some funny shoes. Something to think about, anyway.

I do this to keep all y’all off balance.

So, there was an email over the weekend. Somebody needed an end table and a coffee table. It just so happens that I’ve had a spare end table knocking around since I moved into the duplex. It’s rather like the love child of a Parsons table and a Klimt painting. Curvy blond wooden legs with a definite Art Deco twist, and a beveled glass top. I have used it, off and on, as a light table, because if I take the harp off my favorite lamp, it just fits under there. That’s how I marked the front of my Christmas shirt with the Saint Nicholas redwork: a superfine Prismacolor pen in permanent red, and then miles and miles and miles of outline stitching in DMC 321.

Anyhoo, she needed a table, and this one was taking up space, and she’s in my ward, so I called her from work yesterday and asked if she still needed it, and I took it over there after dinner but before hitting the grocery store. She was delighted. I have another square yard, more or less, of visible floor space. Everybody wins.

Got some good bargains, too. I almost bought a can (tuna-fish-sized) of ham at $1.23 or $1.35 or somesuch, which would have been sufficient for one meal. And then I remembered that I can get that nice sliced ham for between $6.00 and $8.00, and it will last me for two to three weeks, taste better, and be better for me. So I did, and I found a chunk that was $6.53. It is now shivering in the fridge.

I also scored another $.14 for the Christmas jar. I bought a hot chocolate refill at RaceTrac on my way in to work, for $.86. I don’t spend a lot of actual cash, so it may take awhile to accumulate enough change to fill the jar. At the moment I don’t even have enough in there to cover the bottom of the jar completely, but maybe by the end of the month?

Another good night’s sleep. More of those gentle stretches after I dosed my foot, which is looking better and feeling better every day. Regular application of Nystatin ointment is doing what intermittent application of Nystatin powder could not. My toes are happily declaring that there is less fungus, amongus.

More progress on the second sock, as well. I have completed the toe increases and am going round and round on the foot, ambling up toward the heel gusset.

Lots of compliments on my new haircut yesterday. Any guy who tried to run his hands through it, or play with it, would not find much to work with. I don’t know why it is, but I do tend to grow it out (at least a little) when there is a guy in the picture, and when there is not, SNIP! there it goes. I suppose it’s my own variation on the theme of “gonna wash that man right outta my hair and send him on his waaaaayyyyy”.

Hoping for another productive day at work. Yesterday was pretty amazing, by the grace of Heaven.

So, knitting tonight, but no bowling. Ask me again in twelve weeks.


Jenni said...

I really like bowling and if you need to come over and practice at all before you think about joining up in 12 weeks, you know where to find us.

Sherry said...

I would love to get into bowling as well. What fun!