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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Insert brilliant title here. Or not

Much progress and Tetrising yesterday. That one hour nap I was planning? I woke up five hours later. But we did have leek and potato soup, and Beloved pronounced it true comfort food. There are five portions of it in the outside fridge (said fridge being out in the garage, not out in the back yard). We will eat well this week.

Watched an episode of Iron Chef last night. Duff from Ace of Cakes against Michael Somebody, who won. But the food was amazing, and somewhere last night, I think while eating dinner and watching Diners, Drive-ins & Dives (which I quite like) there was mention of lobster macaroni and cheese. I am now a woman on a mission.

After that, roughly about 10:30, Beloved was pooped and we had family prayer. He went to bed. I went back to my studio and played Tetris with the boxes until I was able to move two bookcases in there. I also moved half a dozen more boxes allegedly full of kitchen stuff out in that general direction. Beloved will deal with them as he has time and inclination, throughout the upcoming week.

I went to bed about 2:00 this morning. Yes, I am officially tired.

My eldest grandson (no longer BittyBubba) was ordained a deacon at church today. There is a small celebration at his house in about an hour and a half. In the meantime, I am torn between putting on my grubbies and shoving more boxes around, and playing on FB and the AARP website until then. Maybe I should do a little of both. I’ve done one read-through of the material for my sacrament talk next week. I also need to print off the material for my RS lesson next Sunday. The poor sisters will be getting a double-dip of me. You should pray for them.

We were supposed to home teach / visit teach the bishop and his family, but one of the family members is feeling under the weather, so we have rescheduled.

When I went out to Lorelai this morning to go to church, she made a very unhappy noise at me. I texted and called Beloved, who had gone to church early because of his clerk responsibilities, and he told me where to find the keys to his mother’s truck. I managed to get that started, but after church it didn’t want to go. I must not have been holding my mouth right, because it fired up just fine when Beloved tried.

Lorelai will be making a trip to the car doctor first thing in the morning. I will be a little late to work, and I will have to pull money from my line of credit to cover it, but we will also pay off (and close) a smallish-balance credit card while we are at it. The APR on my line of credit is significantly lower than what the credit card company is charging Beloved. We’ll have that all squared away in a few months, and then we will pay off his other credit card but not close it. As we will be buying his mother’s truck, we will not be entirely out of debt by the end of the year, but we should be reasonably close. His disability covers all the basic bills. We just need to sit down and work out a budget and figure out how much allowance to give ourselves each month.

The additional insurance premiums should start coming out this paycheck. I need to remember to switch over to the married withholding rate when I get to the office tomorrow. I love it that I am only having to pay $28 to Uncle Sugar for 2011; at least that’s how it stood when I saved my tax return a couple of weeks ago.

Naptime, I think, but I will set the alarm.

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