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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Who *is* that Chinese woman, and why is she cursing me?

Yesterday was not a bad day, overall, but one that was liberally peppered with moments of frustration, confusion, et al. So good to drive home and spend a quiet evening with Beloved. I finished the first half of the back of the pillow. This morning before work I attached it to the front and cast on for the second half.

Have been feasting like a queen all week: grilled salmon, smashed taters, carrots, and cantaloupe on Monday. Fish chowder, homemade sourdough bread, and dried-apple pie last night. Stuffed peppers (from our garden!) and garlic bread and broccoli tonight. In a few minutes I will go bat my eyes at Beloved and see if we can rustle up some leftover sorbet; it’s in the outside fridge.

Last night I turned him on to Stranger Than Fiction, one of the two Will Farrell movies I like. It’s so much fun watching Emma Thompson be as rabbity as Hugh Grant is in most of his movies. Beloved does not care much for Will Farrell (nor do I), Queen Latifah, or Dustin Hoffman, but he liked the movie. We both think Maggie Gyllenhaal is brilliant, and that we don’t see her often enough. I told Beloved to be watching out for the interior of her character’s home, where color runs rampant. His response? “Oh, WOW! (I thought you didn’t like blue?” “That’s not blue; it’s turquoise. Isn’t it gorgeous?” especially with those pale lavender-grey cabinets in her kitchen. I am now trying to figure out how to incorporate that shade of turquoise into our house.

One of the things we have been discussing, is taking the two back-to-back closets (one opens into the dining room, and the other into the hall) and turning them into a meticulously organized walk-in closet for me. I am getting tired of having my clothing divvied up among three closets. And Beloved is tired of my stuff spilling out of his closet onto the floor by my side of the bed. One big closet with lots of shelving built in, would take care of that. I find it sweetly ironic that his shoes reside with their toes tucked under my lusciously painted dresser. (Not sure that mine would fit under there, anyway.)

A walk-in closet that was electric turquoise on the inside, and lighted up like Christmas, would be such a lovely surprise every morning when I walked in, and to show our friend Ms. Neutral. I don’t know about your schadenfreude, but mine is color-saturated.

We got the cabinet up on the bathroom wall tonight. The slightly shorter screws did the trick. We do need to put new hinges on the door, eventually, as it does not hang straight and the hinges are all rusty.

In the dining room, on the bi-fold doors that are soon to be history, are two small ceramic knobs with an apple design. His late wife was fond of apples, as am I; the sampler I did with probably every shade of red that Anchor embroidery floss comes in, will look right at home once I get it framed. Anyway, those little knobs will be moving into the guest bathroom after we refinish the cabinet beneath the sink.

Life is good, and I want sorbet, and the yarn is calling my name. The Chinese woman has been blessedly mute all day. I am thankful!

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