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Friday, March 07, 2014

So bored that I weighed myself.

Yes. I know I'm the one who has said repeatedly that she hasn't been bored in decades. Ordinarily, that would be true. However, our system has been down for the past day and a half. I am blessedly caught up on my knitting, which is in itself a lovely thing. But I would like to be able to do more than just knit. My phone comes and goes. My email comes and goes. I cannot upload my mail or calendar anything or file with the courts. I was, briefly, able to read the Harlot's blog.

So I went to the scale in the copy room and took off my shoes. I have lost 3.5 pounds in the past week. Plus the ones I lost between diagnosis and last week. Not sure what the differential might be between this scale and the one in my doctor's office.

I am hungry. All the time. (Side effect of the Metformin.) And parched. I've drunk over a pint of water already and am about to refill my bottle. Yesterday I put hash marks on the label. Four times. Half a gallon, people. Down the hatch and out through my toes in a Noo Yawk minute. I eat two hard boiled eggs and two cheese sticks and an ounce of nuts. Every day. Plus a smoothie and everything else.

Smoothies are proving to be an effective way to get enough fruits and vegetables. No way could I eat a salad with four cups of spinach in less than fifteen minutes. If at all. Grr it up with some almond milk, and it's working its magic in a couple of minutes.

I am blogging between bites of lunch. Half a can of Costco roast beef, the other half of last night's potato, and the leftover mushrooms. Not sure I can finish it. My meals are small but frequent. OK, constant. I am eating two to three times the protein that I ate when I was pregnant, which was way more than the "experts" thought was necessary. Drinking very little milk, mostly in the form of buttermilk. And yogurt. I miss Ben and Jerry, but not as much as I had feared. I miss bread. I am sleeping better, if not as long as I would like most nights. I am no longer needing Cherry Coke to get through the afternoon.

So life is good. I just hope I can get something work related done this afternoon.

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