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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cutting in, then cutting out.

Which reminds me of the old joke from the 70's: Do unto others. And then cut out.

By using both stepstools I was able to edge all the way around the kitchen ceiling last night. I did not attempt to cut in around the ceiling fan or the lights, as there was nothing to brace myself against. Fourthborn and I will figure that out the next time she's here.

My goal for tonight is to paint the ceiling as close to the lights as prudently possible. I either just-will or just-won't have enough paint to finish the job. I've been pretty lucky so far. Maybe that luck will continue.

Depending upon how long that takes (surely not as long as the living room?), I may even get started on the portion of the walls we've been able to free up. I'm off all day tomorrow, but I'll be attending an acoustic music festival in a neighboring city. I'll pick up my roller again on Saturday.

The kitchen is significantly better lit than the living room. It will be ever so much easier to see if I'm getting adequate coverage or missing a spot entirely.

Knit did not happen yesterday. At all. And I'm a little sad about that. On the other hand, there's a good chance that the kitchen will be completely repainted in the next couple of weeks.

I get my bonus four weeks from tomorrow, which equals new cabinets for the kitchen. I've found glass tiles for the backsplash that pull almost all of the colors I've used.

The kitchen is (knock wood) taking far less time and energy than I had feared. And the payback from all the decluttering we've done has been huge. I actually want to cook. OK, only some of the time, but I no longer feel overwhelmed just walking in there.

That's all I've got for you this morning. Time to figure out what I'm wearing to work today, throw my lunch together, and hit the road.

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