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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yoga tonight

We did this roadkill swan thing, and in my approximation of a forward fold, I could feel and visualize three of the trigger points along my left shoulder blade. Little nasty white hot polka dots. They were *not* happy with me. I think if I were to consistently practice that asana for two or three months, I might be able to make them go away.

Normally I can't feel a trigger point until someone pushes on it. Much less see it from the outside looking in.

I did something brave and scary at work today. I've mentioned that another secretary and I have been training two of the admins to generate the paperwork involved in opening a case. We are also responsible for creating the how-to manual and the workflows, so that if someone nowhere near as sharp as these two cookies needs to know what to do, and when, the process will be idiot proof.

Office manager was working remotely and wanted a phone conference to discuss the editing. Fair enough. But I was already scheduled for a meeting at that time, and the other secretary's attorney had finally signed a bushel of mail that had been piling up in his outbox. Plus, I was digging out from the emails and to-do's that had accumulated over the weekend and while I was off yesterday. Neither of us had the time to read her revisions, much less discuss them.

So I emailed back, citing my previous commitment and proposing another time. After a few more emails, we found a time that would work for all three of us.

I've worked for the company for nearly 16 years, 14 of them in this office. This is the first time I can recall ever pushing back.

I'm just hoping that sometime before lunch tomorrow I will have enough time and enough synapses to read through the revisions and be able to comment intelligently. We have worked and reworked this verbiage until we can't see straight. Word word word blahdy blahdy word.

I connected the dots last night on a first cousin that I'm not sure I ever met. I bear you witness that she knows I found her, and that she wanted to be found. She was hanging out with me in the car on the drive to work this morning, and I got a little soggy. I don't know if she'll come back when I go work on some of our mutual cousins in a few minutes. If I start sobbing again, at least I don't have to worry about running my bed off the side of the road.

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