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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Friday, February 13, 2015

New phone. Learning curve.

Most of my apps transferred. I've had to re-install Waze and Blogger and a few others. And I'm teaching it "hippo birdies two ewes".

Last night was one for the books. After work I drove to Fort Worth for the Pepe Romero concert. Wonderful! My tush and legs got restless about half an hour before my ears, heart, and spirit.

But because the Renzo Piano Pavilion was designed for people ahead of profits, my knees did not pitch the screaming fit they do when I'm at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas.

And because I've lost 40 pounds since my first Renzo experience last year (the bluegrass performance where I met my banjo teacher), the seats were even more comfortable than before.

In a lovely surprise, I received paperwork from the appraisal district for my homestead exemption (which I thought was already in place). I filled it out in odd moments yesterday and will mail it in today. That will save me up to 20% on this year's property taxes. And when I turn 65 in a couple of years, there will be another adjustment.

My knitting has been misbehaving this week. It keeps slipping off the needles while riding around in my purse. Last night before the concert I spent a good five minutes getting it back on the needles before I could make a bit of progress.

Tonight I am taking the old phone to Firstborn's on the way to a party my friend Jody is hosting for the widows and widowers. I'll pick up the air mattress, because after the party I'm picking up Fourthborn for a sleepover.

In the morning I'll hit the gym and then the mechanic's for Lorelai's safety inspection. Fourthborn will peel wallpaper while I'm out. Goal for tomorrow is to get the wallpaper down, the ceiling painted, and maybe start on the walls.

I'd like to get the steel shelving unit disassembled as well so we could start on the flooring, but that would mean a lot more clutter in the living room until we get the new storage set up. I'm already a little twitchy from the current state of disorder.

No gym for me this morning. I needed to write, even more than I needed to move. I'll pack my lunch and see if I can sneak in a smidgen of yoga (or at least some stretching) before getting ready for work.

Be good, remember Whose you are, and don't drop any stitches!

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