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Monday, October 31, 2016

Knock it off emoji.

This is the best that I could come up with. Pink shirt. Fierce expression. I tied with two others for third place, and I got a stress ball with a particularly goofy emoji face, which is probably more than I deserved for the effort I put into it

Years ago, when I bought Faith, she came with the unicorn head that I use and a spare, fully human head. Soom does not sell body parts a la carte for its dolls. So I've had an unused head tucked away in a box ever since. Middlest was given some odd doll bits and has several floating heads that need bodies.

We found out that there is at least one doll company that will resin-match. One of these nights I'll take the spare head to Home Depot and try to find a paint chip that matches. For about $80 I can get a perfectly serviceable body to be Faith's fraternal twin and save myself about $400 (if the Beyla sculpt were still available). And I learned recently that Beyla is a winged centaur baby, and not a unicorn girl. Could have fooled me. Edited to add: no, the faces were reissued three years ago as unicorns with wings. And they were just precious.

Middlest has been hosting two of Squishy's dolls to see if either of them fits into one storyline or another. Middlest is thinking "yes" for the larger doll and "nope" for the other. I like the elfin ears, but I need to dress the doll and put on his wig before I can tell if he will fit into the crew. Steadfast is my only male doll, and he would probably like some company, but the male sculpts in general do not pull me the way the female dolls do.

I am too sleepy to safely handle a doll that is not my own, so I will set the box aside until tomorrow. I need to take my meds and hit the sack.

Speaking of meds, I got a letter in the mail which said that CVS will no longer be a preferred pharmacy for my HMO as of 2017, so it looks as if I will be signing up to get my meds by mail. I feel a little crabby about that. But if it means that my meds will be even less expensive than they are now, I can probably get over it.

Night, y'all. Where did October go?

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