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Monday, October 31, 2016

Not much to see here.

Sleep, church, more sleep, a little eating, a lot of water, no loss of balance while conducting the music at church, and one really cool thing.

Middlest's shoulder went out yesterday. (That's not the cool thing.) This is something that happens fairly often to Middlest and Fourthborn, and they know how to put things back in place fairly quickly. Middlest remarked that several friends with the same autoimmune problem have airplane pillows (those U-shaped ones) which they tuck into their armpits to partially immobilize the joint, and could we pick one up tomorrow (Monday)?

I mentioned this to the RS president before church, and her face lit up. She had bought one for a trip, didn't like it, and it was just taking up space at their place. After my post-church nap, I called first then drove over to bring it home. Middlest is quietly elated, and we're hoping it does the trick tonight.

In other news, I noticed last week that Middlest's name was not showing up on the roll for Sunday school. I mentioned it to my bishop at the service project yesterday, and he said to get with the membership clerk and it would be taken care of. Said clerk was not at church today, but the financial clerk said that he could help. We found Middlest, linked my kid to my household, and then updated the name change.

I'm not sure how to handle that on Ancestry or FamilySearch, but that's a problem for another day.

It is now past midnight, I've successfully resisted the urge to whip out my credit card and order another doll (who has a tiny mandolin and a right hand in plucking position), and I'm going to bed before my willpower crumbles. I don't particularly want the doll (who is cute but doesn't tug at my heartstrings like the one I might have ordered recently), but I want the mandolin, and it only comes with the fullset.

The thought came to me this morning that if I were to buy this doll, I could name her Praise. She might be able to keep Chutzpah and Grace out of too much trouble by strumming madrigals. Or In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. I just read this to Middlest, who said that Praise would be my bard, and must have a high charisma rate.

Bed. I'm going to bed. Now.

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