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Thursday, August 03, 2017

I've missed y'all, too!

I was a little too tired after a whopping two days of work to sit down and blog, so this is a catch-up post.

You know that I’ve been fiddling with Cat Bordhi’s “Investments” pattern to see if it would work in doll scale. Essentially a rather large, weirdly shaped gauge swatch. I worked it all the way down to the waist and tried it on Justice to see where it fit and where it didn’t. If knitting at human scale, the underarm increases are absolutely necessary to round out the armscye. And on her, they were exactly how much too wide the vest was at her bust line.

At human scale, eight rows of garter stitch are about right for the side slit that accommodates the tie. At doll scale, half that many will do nicely. I could probably get by with just a yarnover eyelet, but a slit will put less stress on the fabric and maybe prevent a pucker where the tie comes through.

I’m improvising the central decreases down the side panel and making notes so that I can replicate them on the second half of the vest or frog back and try again if the fit still needs to be tweaked.

Today we met Fourthborn’s primary care physician, who seems every bit as great as the other folks we’ve met in the system. We’ve confirmed the final pre-op consultation and determined that Fourthborn can still keep the first counseling session we scheduled (for later that afternoon) during the intake appointment on Monday.

I'm so proud of that kid! She is taking brave steps toward opening up her world. I am retroactively grateful for my (one) anxiety attack last year, because I understand better what life has been like for her as far back as she can remember.

From the PCP’s office, we drove to Middlest’s eye appointment. Prescription for contacts is unchanged, and we have a slightly different one for a pair of backup glasses. We came straight home, I baked the last of the individual pizzas, and I took a nap.

Tomorrow there is only Middlest’s monthly checkup and the running of the non-Ritalin Rx up to the pharmacy, to be followed throughout the day by knitting, sewing the quilt blocks, nap(s), and going to the temple in the evening with Secondborn, 2BDH, and BittyBit to begin the work for some of the people I found last year

Our lives at the moment are a whole lot of hurry up and wait. It's made easier by the kindness and professionalism of the staff and experts we are working with. I was amused to read the badge-holder of one of the nurses. At the bottom were three aspirations/admonitions. The first two positive and forgettable, because the last was "don't be a jerk".

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