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Sunday, August 06, 2017


We continue to be amused/bemused by the fortunes in the fortune cookies. My two latest are: "You shall attain great wisdom with each passing year." (The implication being that maybe I'm none too bright at present.) And: "Look for love in the most unlikely of places." Fourthborn snorted and said, "Looks like Mom's making a trip to the gay bar in the future."

Middlest's and Fourthborn's fortunes were not any better, but I'll spare you.

I love how generous with information many in the doll community are. I was exploring one of the Facebook subgroups, and someone asked about the lace trim used on a ceremonial robe in one of the pictures. The doll owner replied with the name of the Etsy shop she buys from, and I wrote down the name to explore after church.

I've since done so, and I am impressed by the variety and the prices. I wish the vendor sold the items in smaller lengths: 5 yards of this, 20 yards of very narrow trim. Some truly gorgeous eyelets, unlike the run-of-the-mill you see in fabric stores here. I will be able to make petticoats for all of my girls and, should I be so inclined, make extras to sell on the Etsy shop I set up several years ago but have never done anything with.

We are almost done with the most recent round of doctor's appointments for Fourthborn. Lab work and well woman tomorrow, then that's it for a couple of weeks until the pre-op. Gall bladder is being evicted three weeks from tomorrow.

Middlest is migrainey and has an aching back. We are hoping that the second kidney has not decided that it is sinless and about to start throwing stones.

Prayers would be nice, please and thank you.

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