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Monday, January 08, 2018

What am I supposed to be learning from this?

I've been puny for a little over two months now. And I'm sick (ha ha) and tired of it. I did not go to church yesterday, because the cough that sprang up Friday night got worse over Saturday, and while I didn't think I was contagious, I also didn't think it was fair to my friends to go and be wrong.

It is a measure of how lousy I felt that Saturday night I set the alarm for 9:00, reasoning that it would give plenty of notice to the bishop and two friends who could sub as chorister, entirely forgetting that this is a new year, and we are now meeting at 9:00. Thankfully, one of those friends stepped in.

I was at the after-hours clinic a little after they opened at 1:00, and I was not the first person there. I tried hard not to cough on anyone. I had a pocketful of Ricola, which I consumed well before I got called back to an examining room. I was sitting in a chair that backed up to a window, and I was not wearing a jacket. After I'd been there a couple of hours, I started shivering. As soon as the bench emptied which backed up to an inside wall, I claimed it.

When the nurse took me back for triage, she swabbed my nose for flu and took my temperature, which was 100.2. (In normal people terms, that would be 101+. And my BP, which is normally around 106/65-70, was 143/79.) She sent me back to the waiting room until an examining room became open.

The doctor was great. His name was Short, and he was not. I pointed out to him that that was false advertising. He gave me something more than a pity laugh and confirmed that I have the flu, and since I am diabetic we would be attacking it with Tamiflu.

Thus far, I am impressed. I've taken three doses. My temperature is only about half a degree above normal, my coughs are productive, less frequent, and no longer bone-shattering. It will probably be a day or two before my abdominal muscles forgive me. I could barely roll out of bed this morning. I'm sleeping a lot. And I'm finally developing an appetite.

I was ravenous when I got home from the pharmacy last night, and my body kept NOPE-ing. Buttermilk? Three sips and put the cup in the fridge. Leftover chipotle mashed potatoes? Three bites and what the hell do you think you're doing? One pretzel and you spit that out right now, missy, and go straight to bed! So I did.

Somewhere around the end of the day I was sufficiently awake to search Ravelry for a one-skein cowl, cast it on, and work most of three rounds. As of this writing, the picot hem at the bottom is finished, and I'm ready to gallop onward. Since the yarn I'm using is DK, and the pattern is written for fingering, I'm eliminating rows methodically in hopes of having enough. I like what I'm seeing thus far.

I wore one of the new stripedy shirts to the clinic yesterday. It fits perfectly. The skirt and tights that I ordered last week are scheduled to be here on Friday. Now I just need to be well enough to wear them out in public.

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