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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Before (mine) and After (hers)

This is the first finished project that I knitted mostly on the recumbent bike.

I ran short, ten stitches shy of a full bind-off. So I tinked it back to the beginning of the round. Then I simply knitted that round and passed one stitch over the other. It was a little tighter bind-off than the first try, but still acceptable. Talk about a close call!

Here's the finished object, based on Ilga Leja's "Beech Wood" cowl. http://www.ilgaleja.com/free_pattern.html I didn't think I could navigate a mobius scarf with knees flying, so I opted for a simple ring.

I cast on 126 stitches instead of 108, and I knitted this with approximately DK-weight silk on Addi Natura 8's instead of Fleece Artist’s Handmaiden 4-Ply Silk Cashmere, 55 % silk, 45% cashmere (170 m./50 g. skein) on 6's.

As you can see, the colors are lovely. And the yarn was mostly wonderful to knit, though there was lots of VM [vegetable matter]. I bought a hank of this and a small ball from my friend Grace at Knit Night a few weeks ago. She had just completed a project and never wanted to see the yarn again. Why? I'll let her tell you.

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And now a picture of the two items side by side. Hers, which has been washed and bled profusely. Mine, which is the original color. There is definitely a difference; unfortunately, neither of us were able to capture it well with our cameras.

My knitted cowl is on the left; Grace's "Twin Peaks" shawl is on the right.

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bookgrump said...

Your cowl is pretty! I still think that there's a significant difference in color between yours and mine, despite the fact that they were the same yarn. I just wish it had shown up better in the picture. I think it's a matter of quality of color more than anything else. The color and shine on yours was much more intense than mine. I'm just glad that you felt that your money was well-spent. (Just stay out of the rain, okay?)