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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Looking a Bit Like a Manta Ray

Raglan decreases are *done* on the back of LittleBit's hoodie. Now it's just a gallop up the back of the neck and over the top of the head, for the decorative portion of the hood. And then I'll do the two small, boring, unembellished side panels, block what I have, assemble it, and pick up the sides of the hood.

Yes, I'm still having fun with this. So no, I won't be joining the SlogAlong.

No progress on the socks yesterday. After work I picked up a lovely, plush bath sheet for our upcoming houseguest, using one of my coupons. Then I picked up LittleBit between rainstorms and took her to get her hair trimmed. Then I took her to the midweek activity at church. Then I picked up her Rx, and some chicken fajita quesadillas for me, and I came home and changed into my shopping clothes.

Off to Tar-zhay, where I bought a 60-quart rolling cooler in red and white for my 72-hour emergency kit. On Saturday we'll pick up one for LittleBit in another other color, and then it's just a matter of deciding which of our clothes we want to stuff in there in case of emergency, and we will be Officially Obedient. We've had the edible portion and the first-aid portion assembled for years and tucked in the coat closet. Now we'll be really, truly good-to-go, and I can check "buy rolling coolers" off my list.

I also bought a microfleece blanket and a cotton blanket and two new bed pillows (one for me, one for our guest) and upgraded some of our cleaning tools. And two sets of sheets, one set for LittleBit's bed and another for the airbed, which I'll buy this morning while LittleBit's at seminary.

Tonight after work I'll stop at World Market and pick up blue folding chairs for LittleBit's room: one for her desk and one for in front of the keyboard. And then it's HFPE tonight. "Home Family and Personal Enrichment", what we used to call our monthly Relief Society Homemaking Meeting, back when it was monthly. Last year we moved to a different schedule: a couple of activities a year on the stake (like a diocese) level, several on a ward (like a parish) level, and the rest small interest groups that typically meet monthly or weekly at somebody's home. Last year, for awhile, I hosted a knitting group chez nous.

Tonight I get to learn how to scrub out 15-gallon containers that formerly held soft drink syrup, to make them fit to store water for our year's supply. [We only have to store a two-week supply of water, 2 gallons per person per day.] I figure that four of those will be far easier to shift around [especially if I set each of them on a circular dolly, as you would a ficus] at 130+ lbs each than a 55-gallon drum at 470+ lbs. Plus, LittleBit can take her share with her when she flies the nest in a couple of years. Kinda hard to do the Solomon vs. Baby thing with a 55-gallon drum. The landlord might get upset.

I'm not sure where I can put four 15-gallon containers in this apartment, especially now that we have the rolling coolers which will have to go *somewhere*.

The Good Housekeeping Fairy smacked LittleBit upside the head last night, too. When I came home from shopping she was in her room, sorting and bagging with a certain feisty glee. She was really tickled about the new sheets and couldn't wait for me to wash them first.

Oye, the laundry that's going to have to get done sometime on Saturday. The pre-washing of all the goodies that are going into the new guest closet, plus the regular stuff, plus the fluffy bathmats in both bathrooms. Oye, squared. Or possibly cubed.

I don't know when I'm going to get the finish coat on the sofa table. I may just have to schlepp it behind the couch and look innocent if somebody asks "where's the shiny part?"

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