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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sabbath Sock's Sassy Sister

On the left is sock #1, knitted in church last Sunday and on the recumbent bike on Monday. On the right is sock #2, cast on at home Tuesday morning and worked on during seminary. I was having a cranky, achy day, so no workout.

Here's what I accomplished at church today:

Should have made sure that I'd photographed the same side, for comparison's sake. But it's about 2" longer than it was this morning. I think I'll insert some of those open, pointy-ended stitch markers to show where I've stopped on each sock. That should make next week's progress that much easier to see.

This is the sofa table with two coats of stain. I have to wait until just before bedtime to put on the first coat of polyurethane. I also had to make two trips to the home improvement store yesterday: one in the morning to buy the finish coat, and another mid-afternoon, when I ran out of stain after taking LittleBit's advice that the table needed a second coat of color. This is MinWax's Golden Pecan, but it's almost a pale red, as if I'd used a light cedar stain.

And we'll finish with more knitting content. I've turned the corner at the underarm and am now making happy raglan decreases.

I think this is what I want to work on for the rest of the day. Later, gators!

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