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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Redecorating, after a fashion

This went out with my weekly gratitudes, weekend before last:
"I finally found a place for the red vase that Br. Sushi gave me for Christmas, year before last. It’s been languishing on the breakfast bar, right against the wall where it wouldn’t get knocked off. Also for the two equally gorgeous red glass bowls I got for Christmas last year. The smaller bowl and the vase are now on the plant stand that Secondborn found for me, which is flush with the wall in the corner where the taller ficus once stood. I’ve moved the torchiere lamp and the rocking chair back there, a little behind the couch so I can hide in the corner and knit. The larger glass bowl is now on the coffee table, which used to be in front of the living room window. I may end up moving the vase and the smaller bowl to the end table between the couch and the wall, because I think that table needs a little perking up, but for now they’re safe where they are."

As you can see, I moved them to the end table. BittyBit's not here all that often, and she's remarkably good about not-touching, but I just feel better about having these breakables a little closer to the ground. And the end table looks much livelier than it did. The mostly-turquoise-in-real-life yarn in the bowl is from LotusBlossom. And the red is some wild and crazy silk that my #1 student gave me after her trip to Santa Fe. The sheep perched on the edge of the vase is something that leaped into my basket at World Market a few years ago.

Here's the couch, moved into its new position but before putting on the slipcover, which I won on eBay last week and which arrived in the mail on Monday:

Here's the couch with its lovely new-to-me slipcover, and the afghan my Gram crocheted for me 25+ years ago, and the lamps peeking out behind it. That funny crown-topped object leaning against the wall by the window is a folding rocking chair that my father copied from an antique. One of the dowels is broken, and I'm hoping that Brother Sushi has the power tools to make me a new one. At which point I will strip and refinish the rocker, whip up some needlepoint for the upholstered bits, re-web it, and call it done. The "trees" are slightly mussed from when I wrestled them about to get at the water that was blowing in under the door in last Wednesday's rainstorm. [Not much water, easily mopped up with a solitary hand towel.]

I attempted to show you what the corner with the rocking chair looks like now, but Blogger spun the picture 90°, and I couldn't figure out how to un-spin it.

This is the back of LittleBit's Celtic Icon hoodie, with the first part of the raglan decreases done. For the next 18 rows I will decrease every row instead of every other row, and then it's a gallop down the straightaway for the center portion of the hood.

And here is where we are on Sabbath Sock and Sassy Sister.

It rained all night. Sounds as if it's raining still.

Can anybody explain to me how or why Blogger fiddles with my paragraph spacing between "edit" and "publish"? It's been taking me three attempts to get a post published in a form that pleases me.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I don't know why Blogger does it, but if you find out, can you tell me? I type a normal posting and then find, as I go to publish, that there are gigantic spaces (we're talking twenty lines or more) between each paragraph. Takes forever to tidy up.

A folding rocker! I missed one of those at an auction years and years ago and STILL regret it. Don't really need one, but what has that to do with desire?

Love the sassy socks - their colourway is joy itself.

Tan said...

The Sock Sisters are looking good.