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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tiny Wire and Fairy Fingers

One of you [who shall be nameless] wondered where I got the tiny sock earrings. My own contribution to the Green Sock KAL. The pattern is Los Lobe Hose, and the yarn is Schaeffer's Anne, and the needles are 4” 0000's. Which qualifies, I guess, as “tiny wire”. But the fairy fingers are the same ones typing this blog post.

I think there's a picture of a finished pair, back in February or March. Too busy eating chicken fajita quesadillas to look it up for you, sorry! Or you can look them up on the GSKAL site, if you're a participant. And maybe if you're not.

I repented and took pity on y'all. Here's a photo:

I've made about a dozen pairs since the first of February. Have I made a pair for *myself*? Ummm, that would be a “no”. But yes, eventually I will. If only because I work in a law office and must keep the quirkiness at an optimal level.

How can this be? I'm out of guac!


Note: I started the draft for this post on the 9th, which if memory serves was a Wednesday. Didn't want y'all to think that I'd gone out to a restaurant on the Sabbath. Didn't want y'all to think that I have the patience to marinate chicken breasts and cook them and chop them and chop all the other ingredients and make my own chicken fajita quesadillas from scratch, either. I try not to make anybody have to work on my behalf, on the Sabbath. And I try just as hard not to make myself work that hard on the Sabbath. Any quesadillas that I make at home involve grated cheese or thinly sliced cheese inside a flour tortilla and nuked for 20-25 seconds, depending upon size. And at the moment we have none of the ingredients to make even the simplest version. Though I could pull a mini-bagel from the freezer and wait a few minutes and add some cream cheese and be a very happy camper, indeed, without even *bending* the Sabbath.

Excuse me a moment, would you?

We will now have a moment of silence for the quart of buttermilk that I bought earlier this month and stuck in the door of the fridge, to be eaten with a pan of cornbread that never got baked. Said quart draining most reluctantly into the kitchen sink. We will buy another quart tomorrow while buying junk food for LittleBit to take to Girls Camp. She leaves on Tuesday; I can have cornbread and buttermilk every night for dinner while she's gone. And may very well do so. There are few pleasures in life greater than a fresh pan of “scratch” cornbread with a dab of real butter on each square, and a cold glass of buttermilk or sweet milk.


Tola, I just have to respond to your kind words regarding yesterday's post. First, thank you! Second, thank you! Third, thank you! I think I posted less in the spirit of “look how righteous I am, I pay tithes of mint and rue” and more in the spirit of “I did something that somebody I respect asked me to do, when they asked me to do it, at minimal expense [$12.00 total for four water barrels] and without murmuring.” Considering that much of the time my inner dialogue is along the lines of “I'll be happy to do that, after You explain to me why I need to.” Well, I did murmur a little when I saw that the barrels were blue. I may have to hit the closeout bin at the upholstery fabric shop down the road and make four slipcovers, LOL. My inner Martha [both in the Biblical and the disgraced-household-diva sense] pipes up at the most inconvenient times!

It's going to cost me a whale of a lot more than $12.00 to get two bung wrenches, two siphon tubes, and two siphon tube adaptors. I bought ten cans of chili on sale yesterday, toward our year's supply, and three half-gallons of Blue Bell also on sale [mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, and mango of all things] If you're ever near San Antonio or Houston, make a side trip to Brenham to tour the Blue Bell factory. Their jingle proclaims them the best ice cream in the country. Several years ago the three youngest girls and I did just that during spring break. It's a great tour, and the sample at the end of the tour is mind-blowingly generous.


I finished my second and probably last block for Rebuilding Greensburg. Please mentally insert the “s” in my earlier references.

And here's the link that will get you close to the directions. When I put in the whole link, it messed with how the post displayed: http://specialstuff.typepad.com/ You'll want her entry of May 8, 2007.

I think I’ll go fix myself some soft-boiled eggs and toast and put in “Take the Lead”.

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