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Monday, March 03, 2008

No Princess, Ballparked!

I had been planning a post to show LittleBit’s left hand, with a spectacular ring she would be getting later this month; the stone was princess-cut [square] and ballparked [set on point]. And the title would have been “Princess, Ballparked”. Unfortunately, HerBoy was still maintaining contact with the previous fiancée, and last night he broke up with LittleBit via text-message.

I’ll wait for all y’all to stop spluttering indignantly at the lack of class which *that* demonstrated.

She had a little meltdown last Tuesday night, out of the blue as far as I was concerned, but she was obviously picking up things spiritually that have since been confirmed.

Since I am not the Queen of Photoshop, you will all just have to imagine that last sweet photo of the two of them with a big red NOT circle superimposed upon his face. This also explains Fourthborn’s Fiancé’s reservations about HerBoy [“something about that boy I don't like, that I can't put my finger on”] when we spoke the other night and I got to meet the Grandpuppy.

She [LittleBit, not the Grandpuppy] hung out with friends last night, including a boy she works with. I had to play that twice and get up and dance. And then I looked at the time on my computer monitor and couldn’t remember her coming home, so I called and reminded her that it was much too late to be out on a school night.

I guess that means the evening was a success, at least in terms of hanging-out-ness. If not in terms of cranky-mommy-ness.

OK, on to something fun. This is a recent post by Fourthborn, our tribe’s future fashion designer. [She was still planning and hoping to attend the Art Institute, the last that I heard]. I love how she found a face that expresses my spirit, if not a shape that mirrors my body. And I love all that red! I commented on her blog and asked permission to link. But since she is the queen of “forgiveness is easier than permission”, I’ll take a page from her own book.

Yes, I had another of my Forever Naps yesterday after church, and I am now officially sleepy again. Good thing, because my alarm is going off in four and a half hours.


Ruth said...

He broke off an engagement via SMS!! That's truly terrible. I'm tempted to hunt him down and smack him up-side the head!

Seriously though, if that's the sort of person he is then, as hard as it is now, she's much better off without him, and an engagement is easier to dissolve than a marriage.

Sending warm thoughts and hugs to you and your daughter.

Off to check your other daughters link now.

Tan said...

Yup, spluttering. That happened to one of my girls, almost the exact scenario. The right boy will show up, and I bet he will be a returned missionary. Side-note to my daughter's ditcheroo--it was his brother who killed his wife and dumped her in the landfill in Salt Lake a couple of years ago. A family of liers all, it seems. Little Bit is well out of it.

Rorek said...

I am absolutely livid. I know it's not me he jilted, but I want to punch him in the goods.

When LittleBit told me, I started to cry, and she said, not to cry, because he isn't worth the tears. At least this happened now, rather than at the alter or half a decade later.

nekokoi said...

i didn't know it was via text. that's seriously low.

she is better off without him though, and she seems to know that already.

Jenni said...

Boys are stupid!!