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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

All Dolled Up and No Place to Go

Giving props where they are due: “credit for both mom bases goes to apitchu orchard. i got the base for my new icon from here, it’s heavily edited by me, but credit is still due” [Fourthborn, AKA Nekokoi].

This is Ms. Ravelled, in the Famous Red Dress*, flirting at a dance:

Not sure if the animation will come through in the transfer, but I’m winking and saying “Wow”. *Just before Christmas 1996 I invested one of those luscious Moroccan rayon/cotton dresses, with the heavily fringed triangular capelet collar that came down to my waist in front and back. I paid more for that dress than I did for my wedding gown when I married the children’s father, and I loved that dress to death and [very sadly] retired it a couple of years ago.

This is me in my “dontcha” shirt, primed for knitting.

Most of the dolling bodies are Goyaesque in their proportions, not Rubenesque like me. Fourthborn went out of her way to find something that looked more Ravelled. And I am properly thankful!

Yesterday’s agenda
(_) Haircut
(x) Penultimate monthly drive-by-fooding of the elders
(x) Lunch in BigD with one of the Good Brothers and his friends. Good food and a new bunch of people to like. [Saw the Good Brother’s high school yearbook portrait. He was a babe! And back then I would have been too shy, and too intimidated by his looks, to have dreamed of saying hello to him.]
(x) Measuring furniture at the junk shop/possible layaway at said junk shop. Went to junk shop. Looked at the cupboard in daylight; took a pass. Found out how much the chairs cost. $850. Each. Cannot envision a situation in which it would be appropriate for me to spend $1700 on chairs that I would then be afraid to sit in. Oh, that pink stuff on the chair backs? Marble. Let the record show that I have excellent taste.
(x) Manicure
(x) Buying the digital scale; on sale for $9.99 at Harbor Freight yesterday. Regularly $17.98. By procrastinating one week, I saved $3.00. Woot!

(x) Drive-by-hugging of the Bitties and their folks
(x) Possible falling-down at what will become my LYS, though I can’t go too nuts there because I have to pay Uncle Sugar on Tuesday.

Oh yeah. JoJoLand Cashmere in a lovely warm lilac, about the same color as the sock I am knitting in the dolly, above. It hasn’t told me what it wants to be when it grows up, but I am thinking scarf or seriously decadent bedsocks.
(x) Shopping at Central Market. Two big bags of granola, and two artisanal chocolate bars. Mine had blueberries and lavender in it; LittleBit’s has raspberries and rosehips. [I will not covet my daughter’s chocolate. I will not...]
(x) Nap. Couldn’t keep my eyes open One Moment Longer by around 5:30. Slept until a quarter to midnight. So, no movie last night, and no movie rental either, and I guess we will be eating granola for all three meals today. Except for LittleBit, who will be having chocolate for one of hers.

Have you seen this, which can be found in this? I wonder how it would knit up in KnitPicks Gloss? Or their new Gloss Laceweight? Might be time for me to get in touch with my inner Coco.

So, I weighed Anastasia, as is, with the exceedingly ugly and way-too-skimpy afterthought heel [not specified in the pattern, I hasten to add].

1.25oz [35.2g]. And I have 2.62oz [74.5g] on the ball, with the second toe completed. And I began with approximately 4.0oz [112g]; when I pile the completed but to-be-partially-frogged sock on top of the unused ball and top it with the completed second toe, I come up with 4.02oz [113.9g]. The difference is a composite of rounding error in my calculator’s conversion of ounces to grams, plus the weight of my needle. All of which is a roundabout way of muttering to myself that I certainly have enough yarn to frog back the first sock and work a heel flap.

Today will be our first meeting after the ward boundary changes. Sacrament meeting first [which we normally have last], because we have to sustain the new auxiliary leaders and new teachers in their callings before we can go to our classes and be taught. And chances are excellent that I will run into Brother Sushi between meetings, as his new ward meets right after ours. I won’t see Firstborn and her tribe, however; they have dashed out of state to visit Willow.

Enough yammering. Time to knit!


nekokoi said...

i'm glad you like them. <3 i have some of the other poses for that same base saved, so if i'm struck with the urge to doll you again it won't take a few more weeks of looking for a decent base.

Rorek said...

That lavender yarn is beautiful! How heavy a weight is it? It looks like it would match this lavender faux fur I have for wigmaking. *laughs* Where did you get it? Would it be too thick or heavy for doll socks?

Sorry for the twenty questions but I'm considering taking up knitting, and I'd want to start with tiny stuff like doll socks, hats, and scarves. LOL.

Jenni said...

Had an awesome trip, just have not had time/energy to blog it yet. Missed seeing you in the halls at church.