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Monday, April 14, 2008

Minor Changes on the Blog, and IRL

I deleted my “Spring Shawl Surprise 2008” button. I also deleted myself from the group.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to design a project that is delivered in weekly installments and have everything come out evenly, with minimal or no corrections. Maybe that’s something I’ll tackle in a few years.

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting “Mystery Shawl 3” from Melanie’s design. And I think there were minor corrections along the way, but I was knitting two or three weeks behind each release, so the bugs had been worked out before I got there.

But with “SSS 2008”, it seemed as if there were corrections every week, and sometimes several corrections in one week, and while the design itself was lovely, I just flat lost patience with the process.

So, no.

I have replaced it a RavelRaiser button. [Which it just occurs to me that I forgot to link.] They timed the appeal perfectly: I saw the link on a friend’s blog the day after payday [i.e. Saturday], and I had $10 to spare.

In spite of all the running around on Saturday, I got some puttering done chez nous. New sponges for the kitchen, and one last load to run in the dishwasher. I need to finish cleaning out the fridge and give it a good wiping-down, but it’s almost ready to restock.

I also used my new digital scale to weigh bits and bobs of leftover yarn for my stash on Ravelry, so that when I get my next brilliant idea to whip up something tiny, I’ll have a feel for which remnants to grab.

Anastasia? I frogged the first sock back to the heel. And got the second one ready to start its mirrored spiraling. Not a lot of knitting at church yesterday, and not much when I got home, as I was finishing the second mystery novel, which I think is going straight to Half-Price Books after work. [Almost] Cozy is another couple of inches longer, and I’m ready to add another ball of yarn.

In the menfolk department, I’m happy to report that I got enough righteous male attention to keep me going awhile longer. Junkies get methadone; I get hugs from my guyfriends, but more to the point, I get meaningful conversation with my guyfriends and come home feeling listened-to. It’s hard to feel listened-to when my child-in-residence is elsewhere.

Church was good. We got our new RS president, a dear friend of mine; the women in the ward will be in capable hands. I almost wish I were not moving in a couple of months. Almost.

And in the five years I’ve been attending this ward, I don’t think I’ve ever sat through a more reverent sacrament meeting than yesterday’s. I don’t know if the new people are innately more quiet, or if the young families we lost were all that noisy, or if it was just that uncomfortable quietness you feel at a party where you only know the host and are hoping that the other guests don’t bite. But I haven’t been able to sit and hear my own thoughts so well, in a very long time.

Duty calls. I had a few flashes of inspiration throughout the day yesterday, and I need to follow through on them.

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Jenni said...

My dh sat next to Jen H. and started all KINDS of interesting rumors in our new ward yesterday!