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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dangerous, Expensive Bugs Have Bitten Me!

The gardening bug and the spinning bug, to be specific.

This will take you to a one-pot herb garden from Apartment Therapy. Or, if you tend to forget to water the pots, how about this? After the Great Fridge Cleanup of weekend before last, I am almost in the mood to cook. Almost. Dinner last night, while I took a break from spinning, was mac and cheese from a box, preceded by salmon-flavored shoe leather. Yes, I nuked the fillet just *that* much too long. It tasted OK, but fish was never meant to be al dente.

Here is a twice-spun bobbin. I filled it late yesterday afternoon and realized that the lovely, soft yarns that I spun back in the 1980’s were too soft and too loosely spun to survive as socks. So I put it on the lazy-kate and added more twist, using the smallest whorl on the flyer.

Back in the day, my preferred method for plying was to wind off a bobbin using my ball winder, then grab both ends and ply the yarn upon itself. That gave me a tiny loop at one end of my skein, and when I was knitting, I would feed the raw end of the next skein into that loop and only have to knit in one end.

Here is this batch, wound into a cake prior to plying.

And here is the plied yarn. Not bad for a few hours’ work. 54.9g of mixed fibers, predominantly wool, and just enough Hair of the Mo to make it wily and cantankerous. Definitely not the prettiest or best-balanced yarn I have ever made, but then it’s been 17 years since the last skein.

I don’t have a skein-winder or a niddy noddy, so I used the back of two chairs to skein it for washing. I have no idea which of all these boxes holds my McMorran Yarn Balance, but this looks to be somewhere between fingering weight and sport weight.

I think I would like the texture better if I had not put in the additional twist. It still wouldn’t have been suitable for socks, but it also wouldn’t have been a good substitute for baling twine. I think it will soften up now that I’ve washed it. I hope it will, anyway. Will let you know later this week, once it’s dry and I’ve taken another picture for you.

[Thank you, Jeri! I had fun, even if I didn’t produce the sockly equivalent of instant pudding. I’ll get there.]

Coincidentally, Jared had a nice tutorial on spinning yesterday.


Tan said...

Ha, ha, dangerous and expensive. Ha ha ha.

hoohoo, heehee, etc.

At least you won't die from it. Unless smothered in fiber.

Jeri said...

You're very welcome. I'm glad you've been having fun.