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Monday, April 28, 2008

What I Did at Work on Friday; What I Saw on Friday Night

This is all the scanning that I did last Friday. Just a hair over two reams of paper went through my hands that day.

I put a magazine on top of the stack in case there was any identifying information on the top sheet. And I pulled a tablespoon and a half of staples out of just one envelope’s contents. Took me over 15 minutes to do so; there must have been a hundred of them.

Look who I would have seen, if I had been here on Thursday night. I loved her on “One Day at a Time” when I was not much more than a kid myself.

My work-LYS is in an old house on a quiet culdesac in a gentrifying neighborhood. These are some of the neighboring businesses.

I wasn’t sure if I would get anything, as I snapped these near dusk. I want to go back some morning and take them in morning light. The colors on each house are just lovely!

And a fountain between two of them.

I wonder if they all repainted at approximately the same time, because some of the accent colors on one house resemble the main colors on other houses.

Here’s a link to the Shabby Sheep, with better pictures than I am currently capable of taking.

I finally, finally won a pair of cordovan? or maybe oxblood? [deep red with black overtones] clogs on eBay; with postage, I will pay just about one-third of the retail price. Woohoo! Note: these are almost certainly not *real* cordovan, which I just learned is made from the south end of a northbound horse. And which is almost impermeable to water, and thus more expensive than I could afford. So I will not be tiptoeing through the tulips in these clogs, especially right after it rains.

The video of my birthday serenade at LittleBit’s restaurant is still not up on YouTube. Ahem!

And I finished [Almost] Cozy yesterday, but I need to clear a space in my room so I can block it, and that’s not happening before work today. I’m knitting away on Anastasia once again and am nearly done with the increases for the toe-up heel. Wonder where I put my directions for that heel turning?

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