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Monday, April 06, 2009

Tweaking my Ravelry projects, exposing myself to Art

I was trying to remember how I had alphabetized my Finished Objects on Ravelry, and wishing that I could delete the frogged projects. The thumbnail view gives limited options, and just when I got one thing right, fixing a second thing undid the first.

Then I remembered that I could view the projects as a list. So I alphabetized them. And then I sorted by project status: WIP’s, finished, hibernating, and frogged. And then, oh happy day, I saw the little X-boxes to the right of the listed items, and I deleted two false starts.

I am still showing my Swallowtail shawl as frogged, because I am going to frog it back at least to where the moth bit it, and see if I can fix it, and if not then I will frog it entirely and repurpose the yarn and make a new Swallowtail with something less delectable to [insert childbirth words here] winged scourges.

Not feeling the love for listening to Conference on my computer. Move Player, didn’t move. Windows Media Player keeps chanting “English.” “English.” “English.” at me. I was able to access a MoTab choir rehearsal. Then I got Music and the Spoken Word, which crashed twice because the server was busy.

I do not want cable [well, HGTV and the BYU channel, but that’s about it]. I do not want satellite. I do not want ATT’s U-verse. I just want to watch Conference in my jammies.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled knitting content. I worked nearly the entire lower sleeve chart [19 out of 22 rows] on my 3.5mm needles and measured. Whoops! Too big for the Bitster! So I ripped it out, cast on the smaller size with the same needle and worked three rows using my 2.5mm needle and what I thought was going to be that much-prettier triple decrease. Symmetrical, yes, but *bland*. So I ripped that out [the yarn frogs remarkably well for a non-wool yarn, BTW] and cast on again with the 3.5mm needle, to be knitted up on the 2.5mm needle, with the triple decrease specified by the designer.

I figure that I will knit a size 2 but make it a size 4 in length, and it should be useful to Her Bittyness for months to come. When I went to bed last night, I had finished the first 22 rows of the sleeve and was ready to start the increases. I don’t like knitting sleeves. I like to get them over and done with.

I also replaced two ink cartridges on my printer and played with scraps of watercolor paper. I wound up with two pixilated 5 x 7 giclee’s because I forgot to boost the print quality first. And one rather nifty 4 x 6 that I think I might mail to Brother Karitas. The rest of my paper is too curly to feed into the printer; I almost killed my printer but successfully printed a different image onto plain paper, and I think that when I have nice flat paper I will get a stunning image.

This gives me several ideas for multimedia projects...

And this? This really takes me back. MovieMom had it on her website.

Dr. Zhivago was the first grown-up movie I got to see. It was showing at the drive-in, and I went with Mom and Dad. The movie was so long that they let me sip coffee from their thermos. Mom bought the soundtrack. We just about wore it out.

The first winter I was in Provo, and pregnant with Firstborn, Dr. Zhivago was one of the movies shown at BYU. I remember being shocked that they would show a [great, classic] movie where the doctor/poet/hero has a wartime affair with his nurse. Thirty years later, I’m still a bit surprised; it would have been interesting to be a mouse in the corner when that discussion took place.

I remember that when the children’s father was getting his MBA, it was distinctly non-kosher for coeds to wear jeans on campus. I wonder if that has changed? BestFriend, can you shed any light on the subject?

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Sherry said...

Oh my yes, times have changed. We couldn't wear jeans back in the dark ages when I was there either, but they can today. (I'm not sure Lauren would have attended if jeans were banned). They still ban anything immodest, but jeans are fine. (In the late 60s, girls couldn't even wear pants--dresses only back then. I would have skipped BYU had that been the rule mid-70s. I'm not a dress enthusiast).