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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chemo sabe.

Although Brother Sushi says it should be Sobby. I think it could equally well be Savvy, because I sure am learning a lot. [I told you it was a wickedly funny blog post title! And I have been saving it for such a time as this: I’ve alluded to the discreet discussion of marital activities vs. chemo, and I did ask those questions at my well-woman yesterday.]

My doctor’s brother-in-law had chemo, and his doctor told him not to let the dogs drink out of the commode. And I had this sudden thought: bodily fluids = what about enthusiastic marital kissing? She did not have an answer for me. Or rather, the answer was, “You need to ask his oncologist.” So now he has homework for his visit on the 11th. Also the question of whether my hepatitis (type unspecified, but probably B) from 1979 would pose a danger to him. It is so weird to be discussing this with a man whom I have not, as yet, kissed.

He is starting to feel better after last week’s first chemo treatment, and we are hoping that the bloodwork before next week’s treatment will indicate that the good guys are starting to win.

Came home from my well-woman with an Rx for medical support stockings and will need to do some calling around to see who has them in stock. I was thinking knee-highs, but my doctor said that thigh-highs are what I need, even if they are not what I want.

Lorelai had her own checkup. When I left the dealership, I had cold air coming out my ears. So much so that I dialed the intensity down a step, and promptly lost my cooling. I emailed my attorney and my office manager last night, and I will be at the dealership when it opens at 7:30. I’m thinking there may be an electrical problem, something to do with the dial on the dashboard? And I have another $2,800 of work that the dealership says needs to be budgeted. I have emailed 1BDH to ask his advice on prioritizing that. I hate spending money on car maintenance (it’s flat not in the budget; I will have to borrow from my line of credit periodically), but the total is less than a year of car payments. I am, occasionally, able to see the forest, notwithstanding the trees.

I got all of my knitting files transferred over from the old computer section of my documents into the new section. In the process, I found some of my photographs, so that is good.

I’m not sure that I remembered to mention that the memory card on my camera is full. I discovered this sad fact two pictures into the birthday party on Saturday. And now I have to figure out how to extract the memory card, which I distinctly remember inserting when I bought the camera, and where the port is on this computer so I can transfer the pictures onto my hard drive. As in, maybe they are not entirely lost, after all. Which would be really cool.

Had lunch with BestFriend at Chop House Burgers yesterday. Which means that I have sawdust pie for breakfast this morning, and my stomach is whining that my throat has been cut.

Chemo Cap the Second got finished about an hour before I left the dealership yesterday afternoon. And I had no backup knitting. And had left my iPod at home, which left me at the mercy of the TV judges.

So the first order of business is to inhale devour enjoy my sawdust pie for breakfast. And the second is to put my iPod into my bag, for later this morning. And the third is to figure out the knitting du jour. I do have inklings.

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AlisonH said...

Waaaait, whoa whoa whoa there. What the heck is a sawdust pie? Shoo-fly, I know, but...?