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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Decisions, decisions.

Me, to the CU: “I hate doing it like this (wire/$9 CU fee + $6 bank fee/instantaneous vs. transfer/free/next day), but the need is fairly urgent. Please wire $[lots] from my line of credit to my [bank] account. I need to fix/replace the AC in my car. Depending upon how bad it is, I may be requesting an additional transfer, but wish me luck. Thank you!”

CU, to me: “Will go out today, thank you!”

Me, to the CU: “Thank you. I’m hoping that it won’t involve the compressor, and that it’s just some little fiddly part that costs $2.95 and requires five minutes to install. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m hoping.”

CU, to me: “Goodness, good luck to you Ms. Ravelled!”

Yeah. This is my third hot, sweaty summer, and I reached the tipping (dripping?) point after the new guy said [when he saw how my ankle blew up last Saturday] that I might want to consider it a health issue.

So I’m having my well-woman on Monday morning, meeting BestFriend for lunch when all of the poking and stabbing and scanning are done, and taking Lorelai to the dealership for diagnostics, the cost of which will be applied to any repair. I am hoping that we can get this done for less than the amount I drew, but if need be I will draw more.

I am picking up Fourthborn in approximately six hours because she has spent the past three days working on a project that will enhance the fun at our family’s joint birthday party for Firstborn and BittyBubba, later today. It’s a Harry Potter themed party. I cannot wait! Although sometime between now and 1:00 I need to find a new white dress shirt, because the one that would have done, had an unfortunate argument awhile ago with something I was eating, and is now in the pile to be Solomonized and shared with Middlest and Fourthborn to make doll clothes.

I watched the movie 17 Miracles last night with one of my girlfriends. It’s about the Martin and Willie handcart companies, and it is superb. It’s playing in limited release, but if you get a chance to see it, make the time to do so. If you are LDS, you will find it edifying. If you have LDS friends, it will give you a better grasp of our history and culture as a people. When this comes out on DVD, I am buying it.

But first, I am fixing myself some breakfast, and then I am planning out my morning, to include at least one more pattern repeat on the new guy’s second chemo cap, which is breathtakingly lovely in the interplay of colors.

For the past three nights, I have wrapped first one ankle and then both, gently and firmly with wide Ace bandages to encourage the lymph to step away from my ankles. It has made a significant difference in how they look and how I feel. I will be talking to my doctor on Monday about a prescription for elastic stockings. Two of my friends who are nurses with similar issues swear by them, and have a catalog from which they order. If I can’t get an Rx so that I can get reimbursed from my MER account, I will just bite the bullet and spend the money anyway.

@Alison: it’s almost certainly not CHF; it’s just a wonky lymph pump in my foot, worse when it’s hot or I get too much salt. But yes, I will talk to her about that. And I need to find someone who is skilled in lymphatic drainage [a massage technique, not the installation of little spigots in my ankles, although some days I think that would be lovely].

Breakfast. Breakfast, Ms. Ravelled, and then knitting.


nekokoi said...

i was feeling supportive about the ankles right till the end. you got gross and it killed my sympathy with ickyness. still totally love you though. <3

Lynn said...

Gross? Don't you ever wish you had a pressure release valve of some sort, like for a pressure cooker? Sometimes I just have way more mortality than one body can hold.

Rorek said...

I about choked when I misread Solomized as Sodomized.

Let me know what your doctor has to say about heat/weather effecting your ankle. I have similar issues when air pressure goes through major changes (ie thunder storms, etc).

AlisonH said...

Thank you for taking good care of yourself, and thank you to your friend for nudging you to too.