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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Right-click + Rename + Home + CTRL-V

Somewhere between 400-500 times on Friday before last. Renaming files in Outlook that are in auxiliary sub-folders which will not migrate when the approved folders and sub-folders do, when we get the new calendaring system.

I went to bed a little after 9:00 last night. It felt really good. Found a round wooden ball to massage my calves (picked the brain of LittleBit’s guy, who is trained in physical therapy and sports rehabilitation. He suggested a golf ball (which I meant to pick up on the way home from the family party, but did not; too much sugar, not enough real food, and I just wanted to eat something sensible but light, and go to bed after it had had a chance to settle), which the massage therapist had also recommended, or a massage ball (one of those porcupine-y things), which I will be ordering online tomorrow.

In the meantime, the myrtle-wood candle holder, a sphere about 4” in diameter, worked relatively well. I slept for six hours, got up and puttered for one, and went back to bed for two more.

Right now, the biscuits are baking. They will become the treat for my Primary class today. And the manual is over by the couch, for when the tater tots that will go into the oven after that and become the happy part of this complete breakfast, are baking. I will also make an omelette, or possibly just a sandwich of dark rye with cream cheese, for the responsible part of this complete breakfast.

I did not eat a whole lot yesterday, nor for dinner the night before. Let me revise that. I had one party burrito and an IBC root beer at Bueno while waiting for my friend to show up, intending to eat more once she arrived. She had had a particularly difficult day and was too upset to eat. So I made myself a PBJ when I got home from the movie and washed it down with a glass of milk. I ate candy and cake balls shaped like golden snitches at the party yesterday. When I left, I wanted to eat real food, but I was too tired to make a decision as to where, and I did not want to spend a lot of money, and I did not want fast food, so I came home and nuked a healthy frozen entree and washed it down with milk and puttered for awhile.

I needed another six hours in the day yesterday. I need to restock the fridge; the pantry is filled with items that are more appropriate for January than July (hello: turkey chili?). And my decision-making skills are whooping it up at Club Med. I am reasonably patient with others. I am far less patient with myself, and I do not know what I want to eat until it is time to eat it. So I need to broaden what I am keeping in the pantry, to include things that are more tempting in these hot Texas summers. Which means more time preparing the shopping list, and more time in the store, hitting aisles which might not otherwise occur to me. I also need to do laundry, more to have a sense that something in my life is marginally under control, than for the typical reason that I am wearing the penultimate set of clean underwear and Mount Washmore has reached critical mass.

Can you believe it? I did not knit at all yesterday. I spent most of the morning working on my spreadsheets and dealing with financial stuff, but it gave me a great sense of accomplishment to have that done.

The biscuits are out of the oven. The tater tots are in. I am looking forward to listening and learning in sacrament meeting, and to spending time with my Primary class after that. But mostly? mostly I am looking forward to a nap this afternoon. There is a fireside for the single adults tonight, reasonably close, on a topic which interests me, with a potluck dinner beforehand. But that would require more cooking, and the idea of heating up the kitchen again does not inspire me. So we shall see.

In new guy news, he had another rough day and went to bed early. Just a one-line email to touch base, with the promise of more, later. I hope his Sabbath is as restorative as I fully expect mine to be.

Be good, y’all. I’ll do the same.


Jenni said...

We purposely planned the party for when we did so that we would not feel obligated to provide lunch or dinner. I do agree that this meant we were all running on empty calories by the end.
You should have stayed a little longer, we all went to eat together. It was marvelous and your youngest grandaughter likes California rolls.

Bonnie said...

Yeah, I had roughly 60 people on the guest list, so I didn't want to double the budget by providing lunch for everyone. Hence tons of sugar. I wanted to put out some "Deviled Dragons' eggs" and a magically named fruit plate, but Tyson said it wasn't in the spirit of Honeydukes treats.