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Sunday, July 03, 2011

So far.

We got to go home an hour early on Friday. I ran by Pie5 and grabbed dinner, met the husband of one of my knitting friends (he manages the restaurant and is every bit as delightful as his charming and somewhat exotic wife). Came home and let that settle a bit, then was overcome by the need to sleep.

Lay down for a nap, planning to go to the dance in Denton, and slept for seven hours. Seven. Obviously, I needed to sleep more than I needed to dance, but still.

Stayed up for the next four hours, made another pot of Texmati, but this time I remembered to refrigerate the leftovers. Finished the hatband on the new guy’s chemo cap while listening to a podcast or three. Went back to bed and slept for another three or four hours.

Got up and picked up stitches for the crown. Alternated knitting and reading, reading and knitting, with a side order of podcasts, until I needed to get out of the house. Went looking for Firstborn’s birthday present (I already have Middlest’s). Stopped at Pier One and bought four placemats to cannibalize for DP holders, then to JoAnn’s for grosgrain ribbon and thread to match. Came home hot, tired, and probably stinky. Took another nap, but only for a couple of hours.

I had decided earlier in the day that I was not going to drive on the far side of Dallas, to watch fireworks and a movie projected on a sheet hung on the side of the house belonging to two friends who graduated from the single adults a few years back. [I told her, back then, that I was delighted for her, but that she really had no right to marry him, because he was one of the few guys at the dances who actually knew how to lead. They both laughed and cheerfully ignored me.]

But when I came home from my errands, there was an email from the new guy inviting me to stop by for a quick visit on the way to the movie. I told him I was probably not going, I was definitely taking a nap, and I would decide when I woke up. And, if I was coming, I would call him but not to expect me [see hot, tired, and probably stinky, above].

I woke up with just enough time to print off driving directions, grab my folding chair, and scoot.

Yes, I will drive an hour just to spend 20-30 minutes with him. Ariel’s got it bad, Daddy.

Nice visit: two hugs, with a tall glass of ice water and some great conversation in between.

I got to my friends’ house and set up my chair less than five minutes before the fireworks started. Had the perfect seat, oohed and aahed with the best of them, and ate about a third of my pretzel M&M’s, washed down with the last of a large root beer.

And then we watched “Despicable Me.” I had seen parts of it at Firstborn’s, but theirs is not a house wherein one sits and watches a movie without discussion or distraction. And if the Bitties are visiting, all bets are off.

I always have fun when I go; I just go, knowing that it will not be a time for cinema.

Time to put on my shoes and grab my bags and scoot out the door for church. I’ve been invited to Firstborn’s after church. I’d like that. And it will depend entirely on how wiped out I am by the heat and my beloved Primary class.

Side note: the chemo did not take place on Friday. There was a miscommunication, so his port was not installed. We are hoping that is remedied this week and that he doesn't have to wait until the 17th. His doctor is Seriously Unhappy. His doctor is not the only one.

We are burning moonlight, y’all.

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AlisonH said...

Getting a PCC line in is a big deal to schedule--eight years ago I didn't have to wait four days only because the head nurse stomped her feet and threw a temper and demanded and said she was NOT going to put another IV in me. No more veins. Do it right!

And so they did. Best wishes and good luck and I wish a plain IV line could help out here.