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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alarums; no excursions. Stabby Tuesday edition.

As I posted on FB, yesterday was all lovely and calm and wonderful until about 11:00 last night when I took my phone out of the charger and turned it on and checked my messages.

The new guy went to the hospital yesterday for his CT scan. They haven’t told him what they found in terms of cancer cells. But they did find some blood clots in his lungs, and at 6:00 he was in the ER with a heparin drip. He went home around midnight with a week’s worth of anticoagulant and gets to stab himself twice a day.

Ironically, I had read earlier in the evening, in Kevin Hinckley’s book, about how sometimes the challenges intensify when we have made a correct decision, or we are on the right path. We step out of the boat in faith and start skipping along on top of the waves, and the water gets rougher, and our knees get wet. And we get scared, lose faith in God or in ourselves, and we sink, forgetting to notice that for a time, we were succeeding at doing the impossible.

With my mobility issues, most of my prayers are standing up or sitting in a chair. You had better believe that I hit my knees last night! And the peace came. Sometimes He calms the storm. Sometimes He stills the child. I got a taste of the latter last night, and it was sweet indeed.

I called the new guy as soon as I’d listened to his voicemail. And I made him promise to call me if he decided that he needed me. And then, miraculously, I went to bed and fell asleep.

On a purely practical note, my bishop/home teacher is also a radiologist. I think we are going to ask him to see if he can get an answer back more quickly on the CT, than we can.

I spent the blissfully unaware portion of the evening doing kitchen triage. I will be taking more stuff to work today, to give away.

Life is good, and I am so blessed!

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Bonnie said...

I'm glad New Guy is ok. I hope the rest of your week is calm and uneventful.