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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Meh day, great evening.

Work yesterday was a mixed bag. The cake was well-received.

Everyone marveled that I, the AntiSports, intentionally chose a cake with a football theme. I told them it was all the new guy’s fault. They laughed.

We had another “quick” meeting, standing up, in the office manager’s lair, but this time it actually was quick, something on the order of 20 minutes, which my massage therapist is still too long for me to be standing up at a go with the present state of my hip.

I got very little done that was measurable, at least by my standards. Most of the pre-conversion activities that I did earlier in the week, I had to re-do. I did get one case closed, another one nearly so, and one letter created for my attorney. I also typed up the (lengthy) medical expense chart for a supplemental discovery summary that I will bang out on Monday. But mostly, it was a day of hurry up and get here, 5:00, so I can scoot on out the door for my massage.

She says that, while my back was very tense last night, my overall muscle tone has improved. We also discovered that I have been doing my hip-strengthening exercise incorrectly, because I was straining my neck and shoulders. She had to do a lot of work on those bits, and she reminded me to rinse off my feet and calves with cold water before going to bed at night, and to put a pillow under my legs. My feather pillows are dying. I think I will pick up a cheap polyester-filled pillow while I’m out today, to elevate my feet.

I bought four cards while I was picking up the cake: two for Bosses’ Day on the 17th (something I have not done before, because in my opinion every day is bosses’ day), and one for Lark and one for Fourthborn.

So, the massage was good, and when I got to the restaurant, the new guy was waiting for me with a big smile. Dinner was delicious, and the conversation even more nourishing. I ran some ideas past him and got his input. Then we went to the dance (after I picked up a container of iced animal crackers as my contribution to the refreshments), and the music didn’t stink. Apparently at least one of our volunteer, works-for-free DJ’s actually pays attention to what we want. I got a couple of fast dances with the new guy, a couple of slow dances, a couple more fast dances with the herd while he put his shoes back on, and then he went home to his house, and I came home to mine.

I’ll be back at the church in a couple of hours to help clean it for the Sabbath. And then I will go camp out at NailDude’s, because I’m fixing to pop a nail, and I don’t want to get water under there and have to deal with fungus for several months until it grows out.

The new guy is cooking dinner for me after the food storage (sales) party. I will be taking a carrot/raisin salad, trying to approximate the one that Mom used to make, but maybe having to tweak the dressing a little to accommodate my dietary changes.

Time to sit on the couch and sort out the piles of birthday gifts and match up the cards. And then some celebratory knitting.

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