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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Maybe not just the ankles.

Brother Sushi and Jerry, and any other guys who may be reading this: might be a good time to go fix yourself a sandwich. Come back in a minute or so.

I caught a good look at myself in the mirror at work yesterday, and something was not quite right with my bra. It looked as if there were seams running along the diagonal. This bra does not have seams; it is a molded wonder which keeps me modest when a room is chilly. I bent over, fished around, and attempted to fluff, to no avail. There was less to fluff than I am used to.

I just bought new bras three weeks ago! They were not cheap, even at buy one and get the second one half price!

It might also have been an unhappy synergy between the new bra and one of the dressy, layering T-shirts I bought from Coldwater Creek two or three months ago, slightly more fitted than the ones I bought two or three years ago (which I much prefer, because they float over my curves rather than hug them, but which are succumbing to time and spilled soup). I will be wearing one of the older shirts to work today, and I will be examining my reflection closely throughout the day.

I really, truly do not want to buy new, new bras on Saturday.

OK, guys, you can come back now.

Heading in early to work, to squeeze in half an hour of overtime before the regular day begins. I’ll be at the temple tonight, as usual, so I won’t be working overtime alongside several of my co-workers. I would go in early tomorrow, as well, but I’m picking up the cake for the office birthday party on the way in, and after work there is a much-needed massage, dinner with the new guy, and a dance at my building that may or may not be very well attended.

I’m booked pretty much all day on Saturday: cleaning the chapel, manicure, [possible bra shopping?], and dinner with the new guy.

I will see if I can go in early every day next week, or at least through Wednesday, which is the timecard cut-off day, plus the evening hours I will be able to work. Good news, though: I only worked until 6:45 last night, so Knit Night might not have to be sacrificed, after all!

Temple bag is packed and by the door. Knitting and backup yarn are in my bag. I need to pack lunch and dinner, grab my bags, and git.

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Jenni said...

What's all the overtime for? Is it mandatory?