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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Princess of Puttering

Secondborn, I ordered what is allegedly a gently-used copy of that church-related ABC book on eBay last night. [I went to buy it at the bookstore in BigD on my way to the temple Thursday night and learned that it’s out of print.] So now I won’t have to mug my friends at church next Sunday and deprive their toddler of his book. I’m rather fond of the little rascal, even though he did pull a DP out of my project at the Easter egg hunt last spring.

So, I’m really enjoying General Conference, possibly even more than usual. The talks and the music in the Saturday morning session were seriously sniffle-inducing.

“Now brethren, we speak boldly to you, because anything more subtle doesn’t seem to work.” ~ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

In the priesthood session last Conference, the Brethren spoke boldly about the need for single brethren, young and old, to stop following selfish pursuits and to take a good sister to the temple, there to begin an eternal family. This Conference, the theme for the brethren is worthiness and service, primarily missionary service. Or that’s what it seemed to be through the first half of last night’s session, which they put up on the internet about 9:30. I got a few minutes into Elder Eyring’s talk before my body said, “Whoa, sister, it’s time you went to bed.” I’m going to fix some breakfast, and if there’s still time I’ll restart from that point and see how much I can listen to before it’s time to switch over to the live Sunday morning session.

I got all of my crochet thread organized and put away yesterday. I scored the last snap-on organizer tray package in the size I needed, at the Jo-Ann’s which is closing [because a new, larger one is opening next month], at 15% off. I only needed one tray for the thread project. I used the other one to organize what’s left of my silk paints and my free-range decorative painting supplies, the rest of which are neatly contained in an oversize plastic shoebox. My watercolor supplies are also contained; I may move them into my rolling scrapbook cart, where their brushes reside in a tall, skinny glass jar.

I also sorted through twenty years’ worth of buttons by color, material, shape (shank, two-hole, four-hole), and size. I think there is still one jar floating around unsorted, but when I find it, it will be a small matter to divide and conquer. I wanted to do this so that, when I need to sew on a button, I do not have to sort through two tins, a half-gallon jar, and a couple of smaller jars to find one which will work. I will just have to grab the right plastic box [one of five, the same sort I used to organize my embroidery floss collection] that holds the right color family and see what I’ve got.

I saw the cutest thing in Hobby Lobby yesterday: a small display box painted to look like a red telephone booth. There is one shelf inside. I didn’t check to see if it is removable. I think I will go back there tomorrow night with Faith and Honor, to see which of them looks better standing alongside/inside it. And if it’s a good fit, it’s mine. The next project would be to figure out how to make a Supergirl costume.

I’m not telling any of my doll collecting friends about my find unless/until I have it home. Crazy like a fox, that’s me.

I also added two or three inches to BittyBit’s birthday present yesterday. I figured out how to incorporate some of the first shade of gold in a way that ties it into the first two scarves and doesn’t clash with the new shade. I anticipate lots of knitting progress today.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath, everybody.


nekokoi said...

Supergirl costume? i'm your best resource! i figure you want the classic Linda Danvers version of the costume, but even with her midriff-concealing version (as opposed to the modern two-piece version) you have options. skirt, shorts, mod dresses, full bod space suits. xD i know what they all look like.

Jenni said...

I had so much to do this weekend that I copromised. I had conference going on my laptop so that I could watch/listen while I did some of my necessary cleaning on Saturday. I found that I spent a good chunk of the Sat morn session sitting on the floor, wiping away a few, gentle tears and loving what I heard.

Rorek said...

I'd be snatching up the phone booth in an attempt to convert it to a Tardis. :] But I'm a nerd like that.