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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Sent to my co-workers before I left on Tuesday: One of the joys of growing out my hair is that I now get to collect all sorts of pretty things to keep my bangs out of my eyes. I bought two packages of “ouchless” elastic headbands this past weekend. If my hair were a bronco and the elastic were a cowboy, said cowboy did not last eight seconds before getting bucked off. If this sort of headband works for you, please come help yourself. They’re on my desk. If nobody wants them, I’ll donate them to charity on my way home tonight.

Most of them were gone when I got back to work yesterday. The rest were gone by lunchtime. And one of my friends brought me a package of the little pinchy butterfly clasps that don’t work for her since she grew her hair out, but which are nearly perfect for me.

Beloved and I spent most of last night conjoining two storage shelf units.  We didn’t get the placement of the shelves exactly right, but if we are clever and patient, we can raise some and lower others without taking everything apart again. It was an interesting exercise in refining our communication skills. I’m thinking we’re good to replace the linoleum in the guest bathroom, but maybe not to repaper any walls. Good thing I’m not excessively fond of wallpaper.

When I woke up this morning, I took most of the stuff we piled onto the dining room table last night and found places for it on the shelves. I didn’t get as far as emptying out the improvised cupboards in the kitchen (one of which was the old home for the microwave), but I ran out of steam after being on my feet for the better part of an hour. He will get that knocked out in half an hour or so, after breakfast, and after I have showered and left for work. Which I had better do now if I want to be at work on time.

Once he has cleared the decks in the kitchen, today’s big project is the making of several cheesecakes, including two or more small ones (my-size) using Greek yogurt and goat cheese crumbles to approximate sour cream and cream cheese. He’s happy when he’s cooking. And now some of our cooking stuff is a tad more organized, or at least all in one place.

We are agreed that we want some storage baskets for in there, to hold the rolls of foil, etc., and to corral the various bits for his vacuum sealer. I am thinking that a trip to World Market would be a good idea, although I will have to stop at the Container Store on the way home for more of the shelf liner thingies.

The eagle screams tomorrow. I had to squelch a squee when I saw the size of my paycheck. Can’t wait to write that tithing check, throw something into savings, pay down our debt, and have a wee spending spree. Beloved is getting those new britches from Cabela’s that he has been wanting, if I have to drag him in there bodily. He has to take his mom to the airport later this month for her quarterly checkup and to visit her other kids, and we do not want a repeat of his pants heading south when he removes his belt at airport security. (Yes, he has lost that much weight since his diagnosis last year.)

This is the part where I figure out what I am going to wear this morning. Decisions, decisions.


AlisonH said...

The elastics rip your hair. Tiger-jaw (well, okay, butterfly) clips are better.

Jenni said...

We don't have enough hair to keep any of those elastic type headbands from sliding right out. You will have to get the old fashioned plastic or metal ones. I found some that don't make me lose circulation behind the ears at Target.