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Saturday, May 05, 2012

So: payday.

Tithing, of course, and then the phone bills. A little extra tucked into savings. And since the next draft for car insurance is scheduled as if we had three cars on the policy, and may not be adjusted before the due date, I subtracted that as well.

Some serious tech issues with the doll site, both here at home (which I figured was possibly an incompatible browser) and on the computer at work (where I shop online on a regular, if discreet, basis). I could not get to the page to pay for the doll who has been on my wish list ~ in a quiet way ~ for two years, as the embodiment of Hope. I kept getting a pop-up in Korean, which might as well have been Sanskrit or the language of Adam and Eve.

So I went to Denver Doll Emporium, where I bought Charity last year when my bonus hit, and I ordered a doll from the same company who made Charity and Chutzpah. At Denver Doll the language is, indisputably, English. I ordered Hope’s wig from another manufacturer, which is one of the advantages of dealing with a large retailer. Charity was in stock, last year. Hope is not. So now the wait begins.

In knitting news, I ordered a soon-to-be-discontinued color of Gloss Lace from Knit Picks, to make a Chanel-inspired sweater whose pattern I have had hanging around for a couple of years. And after dithering over the color for ten minutes or more, I ordered the City Tweed to knit the pillow covers for the Euro size pillows which will go onto each of the wicker chairs in the living room, as back support. Instead of going with that lovely warm yellow, I chose the charcoal grey with cream and tan flecks, which will be more practical in terms of not showing dirt, and which picks up more of the colors in the seat cushions. I chose the cheapest shipping rate, so that package will be here when it gets here, giving me time to start and finish both Moebii.

Last night after the ward picnic, we shoved the last few boxes which were in the dining room, into the middle bedroom. This morning I moved the boxes that have been in the hallway. Next up are the boxes in the living room, all or most of which contain kitchen stuff. And if there is time before I leave for a funeral in my old ward in Fort Worth, I will finish what Beloved began in terms of reorganizing what’s on the steel shelving in the kitchen.

This morning he will be mowing the back yard, edging the front yard, vacuuming the newly freed-up carpet, and getting the haircut he has been promising himself for weeks. On my way home from Fort Worth, I will pick up birthday gifts for two of my new daughters. I already have the cards.

We have friends coming to dinner late this afternoon. And after they leave for her stake’s Saturday night session of stake conference, Beloved and I will turn off the phones and crash early.

Happy Saturday, everybody!

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Rory said...

What sculpt did you end up going with, for Hope?