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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life's uncertain. Eat the fortune cookie first.


If they tell you in all-caps and red ink, it must be true. Right?

It's a good thing that Turbotax is smarter than I am. I was all elated at the idea of getting a fat refund. That was founded on a couple of unwarranted assumptions. When I plugged in the first revised numbers for our itemized deductions, Turbotax showed me owing Uncle Sugar a much smaller amount than my first ghastly guesstimate. But still owing.

Before I crashed last night, I worked through my numbers again. Found some duplication. Fixed that. Put all the revisions on a sticky-note but didn't have time to enter them during my lunch hour today. Will try to take care of that either before or after work tomorrow. Am eating lunch with friends.

Good news is that I checked the IRS website yesterday and confirmed that I will again qualify to file married-filing-jointly for 2013. Unless the bureaucrats in DC change the statutes between now and then.

I think that when I plug in the latest stats I will just about break even. Which would put me back on track to be out of debt by mid-2014. With a nice chunk of change in one savings bucket or another. And maybe the house refinanced.

And maybe, just maybe, the Verizon refund sitting in one of those buckets.

Time for another Zyrtec. Hoping for less surreal dreams tonight.

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