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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tender mercies.

It was a good Sabbath. Sharing Time went well. I had a good interview with the stake president after church. The paperwork for my sealing cancellation will go out in the mail before the end of the week.

Came home and ate leftovers and took a nice nap. When I got up, I grabbed various bits of paperwork and started to finalize numbers for my tax return extension.

When I made the first calculations a few months ago, I used the standard deduction because I had no idea how the itemization would play out. And it looked as if I would have to come up with about three grand. So I have not been in any great hurry to sign the form and write the check.

When I started to fill out the extension form, I realized that I needed to calculate how much I would owe, because there are penalties for guessing wrong.

The good news, although it sure wasn't fun while we were paying them, is that because of all our medical expenses last year, and notwithstanding the 7.5% offset there and another 2% elsewhere, we can deduct so much that a refund is almost certain.

I took my paperwork to the office today, and during lunch I logged onto Turbotax to see if their numbers agreed with mine. They calculate medical expenses by category, so I only got partway through. I filed the extension and broke down the numbers once I came home. Will wait a couple of weeks and file the actual return.

My current thinking is that if there is a refund I will just throw it against the line of credit. In which case I might well have that paid off by the end of this year instead of the middle of next year. And all that lovely money can go into savings for Lorelai's replacement.

Work per se went well. Such a relief.

I hope they catch the bozo or bozos who set those bombs in Boston. What a cowardly thing to do.

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