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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stuck. And not.

A bunch of stuff came unstuck last weekend. I made a decision about the dishwasher. Not my first major appliance purchase, but my first as a homeowner. (Mom and Dad bought the washer and dryer we had in the house in Irving, and our first TV.) It will be delivered tomorrow.

I'm keeping the truck. It is actually becoming fun to drive. And useful for hauling things like the area rug I bought last Saturday. Plus, Chris LeDoux blasting in a pickup truck just feels more authentic than in a little red Lancer.

Lorelai is likely to hit 200K miles later this year. I can pay off the truck more cheaply than buying a new vehicle. And it has about 72K miles on it and has been far more consistently maintained than Lorelai. For now I will just drive it around town on the weekends and to church, to keep the battery charged.

Road trips to visit my kids will be Lorelai's job. With care, she should last another two or three years. And the truck for another five or ten before I have to start thinking about car payments again.

Those two decisions have unstuck me in other, lesser areas. And it was a very healing weekend, emotionally, notwithstanding Mother's Day and my attendant neuroses.

I had an absolute blast at Empty Nesters last night. Better than average Tex-Mex and great conversation. Although I may have given the impression that I had been vaccinated with a phonograph needle.

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