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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Do you ever wish?

That you could hang a sign on the door of your life that said, "Closed for Maintenance"? Yes. I know. It's called vacation. And I will have one this year. I'm looking forward to that. But in the meantime? Oye!

Work continues to become easier to manage. We had a couple of days of exceptionally heavy mail because of vacation letters coming back from the courts. But for the moment I am juggling fairly well. I have a handful of urgent tasks to do today which came out of yesterday's docket meeting. But I don't have a *whole day's worth* of urgent tasks. (Unlike, say, for the entire month of March.)

Today I can print off Friday's pay stub and calculate my tithing on the new, improved base salary. I can also gather the amounts of interest received on one account or another and update my spreadsheet. King Midas would not be particularly impressed. But I know how far I have come in terms of money management skills. I have enough for my needs. And a plan to achieve my wants.

I am struggling with my inner snark. One of the side effects not listed on the pharmacy printout is sarcasm. I have completed both meds and am feeling better. Not well, but better. I just want to go to work and check off tasks methodically and not have to interact with people except on my own terms. I'm impatient with how slowly I move. And how easily my concentration is broken.

You know those double decker metal inboxes with the brown rubber feet? Over time those feet can deteriorate and start to melt. I have two. One for each attorney. And the one pertaining to SemperFi has started to drop bits of goo on any piece of paper that rubs against it. If I am careful I can get enough of the goo rubbed off that when I file the paper it won't stick to its neighbor.

So last Friday I made a sign asking that nothing go in that bottom slot. And a note to bring the GooGone from home. And I rested a wooden inbox carefully on top of the metal one. SemperFi and Mellow are the last two paper-cherishing holdouts in our allegedly paperless office. On Monday I was working on something for Mellow when SemperFi came up to my desk and started fiddling with the boxes and asking why there was a sign and couldn't he just move the wooden box?

No, thank you.

I was so not in the mood to discuss it. It was a perfectly rational question on his part. And if I had been typing on something of his, I could have asked (nicely, I hope) if he would rather I type his X or explain about the inbox. But I was not. So I gave him a discombobulated answer that didn't really satisy either of us.

I took the GooGone to work on Monday. Maybe today I will have time to use it. Because I need to clean brown goo from between the inbox and the shelf before I put the new wooden box in place. No sense messing up a perfectly good box. And maybe while I am scraping and scrubbing goo, some of the snark will go with it.

Note to self: grab the putty knife. It may or may not be useful in terms of the brown goo. But it might dissuade certain people from attempting to rearrange my work area.

I've got a putty knife. And I know how to use it.

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