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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Good news and ... more good news.

Dental checkup: my teeth are happy. Ergo, my dentist and hygienist are happy. There are a couple of spots which want to be cavities when they grow up, but they're no larger than they were at the last X-ray.

Eye checkup: my eyes are happy. Optomap reveals no signs of diabetes or cataracts. I've picked out new frames. And they will cost less than the current pair, which has lasted three years. My eyes are slightly less astigmatic than they were five years ago. My left eye, which has always been the worst eye, is slightly less near-sighted than it was five years ago. (I was curious. He had time to show me.)

In the most recent bout of tidying, I found four more music CDs. They are uploaded to iTunes, and I'm about to go file them with the others in the boxes in my studio.

My visiting teaching letters and handouts are done for this month. And might even go out in the mail today. Just need to create more mailing labels, put them on the envelopes, and slap on the stamps.

I finished putting together the final block in the 2014-2015 First Saturday quilt. And I've found the manuals for my Electric Quilt 5 program. Now all I need are the blocks from Firstborn and Fourthborn, and the actual CD so I may upload it to this computer.  The finishing kit is waiting for my attention in the hall, but since I am making a king size quilt and not a twin or full, I don't need six inch sashing between the blocks. Once I have the software in place, I can truly make this quilt my own.

I also found a printout of a quilt I designed about twelve years ago that begs to be made up. Alternating nine patch and solid blocks set on point, creating a medallion quilt with shifting colors, and the fabric requirements neatly calculated and color coded on the second page.

Had a good day at work yesterday, in the four hours I was there before leaving for our dental appointments and my eye appointment. Only 25 emails waiting for me, as opposed to the 177 that greeted me when I came back from vacation in July. I got my email wrangled, my To-Do's to-did, and the mail for last Thursday calendared. (Scheduling orders: the bane of a legal secretary's existence.) I'll need to polish the drafts for the letters to our clients and claims and get one of the attorneys to sign them. SemperFi is still out of the country on his mother's bucket list trip.

I'm hoping for another good day at work today. At the very least I should be able to get through Friday's and yesterday's mail, blow through my To-Do's (which at this point are tasks related to cases which are in the process of closing), and keep up with my email.

Last good thing: I have a huge ball of pink semisolid Jitterbug that has tried to be one thing or another. I am turning it into baby socks, to be set aside for future giving occasions. It's perfect church knitting. Yesterday I finished the cuff, worked the heel flap, turned the heel, and completed the gusset at Knit Night. Loving the new venue. I did not need to take Fourthborn home afterward, so I was home in about 40 minutes, as opposed to the hour and a half it used to take from the prior venue. And even when I brought her with me last week, I was home in a little over an hour. If she and her roommate move to an apartment on the east side of town, that will shave off even more time.

Life is good, and I have stuff to put away, and I want to tank the Tardis before work, so I'd better get moving.

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