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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

On the one hand.

We met at the quilt shop, picked up the final blocks for this year's quilt, and signed up for next year's. Fourthborn gets all twelve blocks. It's in navy and green, and the sample block they showed was luscious.

I finished sewing the last of the flying geese blocks and laid them out to stitch into strips for the next border on the medallion quilt. If Fourthborn were not asleep in the living room, and if the light and noise would not disturb her, I'd be seeing how much more that I could get done before church. I got distracted by family history after my friend's wedding and a much needed nap, so only two pieces from each of the four strips got sewn together before I went to bed for good. Those four bits look really good.

I need to figure out breakfast and get ready for church, which starts in an hour. So I wouldn't get all that much done, even if Fourthborn were awake on her own and not because I'd been inconsiderate. And I need to figure out my church knitting.

Remind me to wax contemplative on strapless wedding gowns.

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Rory said...

I'm not a fan of strapless wedding gowns. I live in perpetual fear of some poor bride flashing her whole family and friends because of a wardrobe malfunction.