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Thursday, May 04, 2017

I slept so well last night!

And I woke up again this morning, so all the meds appear to be playing nicely together. No weird dreams, and no feeling drowsy at work. It was maybe not my most productive day, but it was nowhere near as frustrating as Monday.

I've been watching a new Sprouts go up on the route I take to and from work. Their grand opening was yesterday. They specialize in really good produce, quite a few bulk items (flours, nuts), and a respectable bakery, plus the usual assortment of healthier-than-thou vitamins. It's a nice blend of uptown grocery store and health food store, with prices somewhere between Kroger and Walmart: i.e., very affordable. I shopped at the one in Fort Worth a lot when I lived there, and when I first moved here, I would drive several miles to the one in Murphy before life got complicated and it was just easier to buy everything at Kroger.

On the way home from my knit night in Dallas, I stopped in and bought a pound of strawberries, a two pound bag of clementines, and a small bag of grapes. We have devoured the strawberries, and Fourthborn and I are enjoying some of the clementines as I write. Middlest has a hellacious migraine and has gone to bed.

I will be doing that shortly, as I have PT in the morning, which seriously cuts into my knitting and/or quilting time. I don't think I have enough oomph to quilt another small unit on the border of the quilt. But I did add another six rows to Avery's sweater today. So that's something.

Night, y'all.

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